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How to Frame a Figg

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How to Frame a Figg, starring Don Knotts
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How to Frame a Figg, starring Don Knotts

How to Frame a Figg is a long-time favorite Don Knotts movie.  Don stars as Hollis Figg, one of the bookkeepers for the small, but corrupt, town of Dalton.  In an attempt to frame someone else for their own shenanigans, the town leaders purchase a second-hand mainframe computer and fire everyone except Figg, who becomes responsible for running the computer, as well as becoming the fall guy for the town’s financial corruption —hence, the title.  As you can likely guess, Don Knotts fights back in his own jittery way, eventually winning the day and the girl.

Some favorite bits include a graveyard scene, when Don Knotts is literally “digging up” secrets, and the battle with the extension cords at the end – truly hilarious, and laugh-out-loud funny.

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Tagline: Runaway hilarity when Don Knotts runs down City Hall…in search of the buried secrets of a gang of crooked politicians the movie the entire family will enjoy!

Plot Synopsis: Don Knotts is Hollis Figg, the dumbest bookkeeper in town. When the city fathers buy a second-hand computer to cover up their financial shenanigans, they promote Figg to look after things, knowing he’ll never catch on. Their plan backfires when Figg becomes self-important and accidentally discovers their plot.

Funny movie quotes from How to Frame a Figg

Mayor Robert Chisholm (Edward Andrews): [elevator grinds to a halt] Well, we cheated death again, Max.

Grace (Fay DeWitt): All right, which one of you wanted the clean menu?

Grace (Fay DeWitt): Is that all you two ever do – he flaps and you wave?
Ema Letha Kusic  (Elaine Joyce): Uh huh.
Grace (Fay DeWitt): I hope you’re on the pill.

Hollis Alexander Figg (Don Knotts): [looks around the apartment] How do you do all this on your salary?
Glorianna Hastings (Yvonne Craig): Uh, well, blue-chip stamps.

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