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The Carol Burnett Show: S9 E18


The Carol Burnett Show season 9 – Family Show – Emmett Kelly and The Jackson 5

The Carol Burnett Show: S9 E18 - Family Show - Carol Burnett and Vicki Lawrence in "A Swiped Life"

Tonight features Carol in a dual role for a Late, Late Movie presentation of “A Swiped Life”– take-off of the 1946 film “A Stolen Life“, which starred Bette Davis as twin sisters in a love triangle.

Also, a funny and sweet segment where Carol Burnett’s washwoman meets the famous tramp clown Emmett Kelly. She begins by entering a circus ring, after the performance, to clean up. She picks up a can and opens it, only to find its a snake can! Then, she “plays” circus, picking up an umbrella and pretending to walk the high wire — and hears applause from her imaginary audience. She then burst through a paper star — but no audience applause. Until, off to the side, tramp clown Weary Willy (Emmett Kelly) applauds her.

Famous circus tramp clown Weary Willy (Emmett Kelly Sr) presents Carol's washer woman with a flower

He hands her a wilted flower, and they do a variety of silent clown bits. Notably, Weary Willy “balances” a feather on his nose, while trying to juggle. They sit, and Carol serenades him with “Paper Moon” and “Look for the Silver Lining”.

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