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The Longshot [Tim Conway, Harvey Korman]


The Longshot (1986), starring Tim Conway, Harvey Korman, Jack Weston, Jonathon Winters

Buy "The Longshot" from Amazon If you’re like me, you consider  Tim Conway  and  Harvey Korman  to be one of the classic comedy teams, and wish that they had worked together beside The Carol Burnett Show. Thankfully, they did!  The Longshot is an independent film  written by Tim Conway, co-starring Tim Conway,  Harvey Korman  (as well as Jack Weston, Ted Wass, and  Jonathan Winters).   The basic  plot is that a group of four life-long losers decide to take a chance for once in their lives, and place a large long-shot bet on a broken-down horse.   With borrowed money.   Borrowed from the mob.  

Is it the greatest comedy of the 20th Century?   No.   It is more than enjoyable?   Absolutely!   And it’s now available on DVD as part of a double feature (another Tim Conway movie — €œThey Went That-A-Way & That-A-Way), making it a  very  good bargain.


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