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The Carol Burnett Show season 3

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Carol Burnett Show season 3 rolls on with guest stars galore, comedy sketches with Carol & Sis, As the Stomach Turns, Alice Portnoy …
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Carol Burnett Show season 3 rolls on with guest stars galore, comedy sketches with Carol & Sis, As the Stomach Turns, Alice Portnoy …

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S3 E1 – The Carol Burnett Show: Jim Nabors

Jim Nabors and Carol Burnett in The Carol Burnett Show season 3 - with her apartment loaded with booby traps!

It’s no “surprise, surprise, surprise” to see Jim Nabors as Carol’s season opening guest! After all, he became her “good luck charm” after being her first guest on The Carol Burnett Show Season 1. Here, Jim plays a neighbor visiting a single woman whose apartment is filled with elaborate security devices. A very paranoid single woman! A very funny sketch.

Originally aired September 21, 1969

S3 E2 – The Carol Burnett Show: Family Show

The Carol Burnett Show season 3 Family Show - presidential fireside chat with Harvey Korman, Carol Burnett

Big laughs are on tap with this episode, featuring the return of the world’s oldest sex symbol, Mae East, to “V.I.P.” Carol plays Mae East in what could only be a Bob Mackie designed dress. It’s a very funny sketch, as Carol does an excellent parody of Mae West. Then it’s a Presidential “Fireside Chat” with President Harvey Korman and his family, where the “impromptu” telecast goes off slip. And a case of laryngitis on “Carol & Sis.”

Originally aired September 28, 1969

S3 E3 – The Carol Burnett Show: Steve Lawrence, Rock Hudson

Carol Burnett and Rock Hudson in The Carol Burnett Show season 3

Steve Lawrence and Rock Hudson stop by to join in the fun and merriment, with the movie spoof “The Murderer Always Rings Twice”, and a meeting with an interior decorator in this week’s “Carol & Sis.” Of course, Carol wants to hide the fact that she’s hiring an interior decorator from her husband, Roger, which is where the comedy stems from in that sketch.

Originally aired October 5, 1969

S3 E4 – The Carol Burnett Show: Scoey Mitchell

The Carol Burnett Show - S3:E4 - Comedian Scoey Mitchell is Carol's guest for this episode. Highlights include "The Queen Elizabeth Show" including a Q&A, and a "Queen & Sis" sketch

Stand up comedian Scoey Mitchell is Carol’s guest for this episode that features a certain monarch’s debut in variety programming, “The Queen Elizabeth Show”, complete with a Q&A and a “Queen & Sis” sketch. Also, Scoey and Carol do a sketch, looking at what the first African American U.S. president might look like in the Oval Office.

Originally aired October 12, 1969

The Carol Burnett Show: Ken Berry, Tim Conway

Guests Tom Conway and Ken Berry pay a visit to Canoga Falls in the latest “As The Stomach Turns.” Also featured: a tribute to Vaudeville, which includes Harvey and Lyle as comedians “Muck & Meyer.”

Originally aired October 19, 1969

S3 E6 – The Carol Burnett Show: Gwen Verdon, Pat Boone

Gwen Verdon, Pat Boone in The Carol Burnett Show season 3

Broadway legend Gwen Verdon and Pat Boone are Carol’s guests in this episode, which features the pair in an installment of “As The Stomach Turns.” Where Pat plays Carol’s squeaky clean brother, purer than the freshly fallen show, who’s visiting from college. And he’s bringing his fiancé! A “loose” woman of questionable morals, played by Gwen!

Also: Carol plays a stage actress battling the flu.

Originally aired November 2, 1969

S3 E7 – The Carol Burnett Show: Bing Crosby, Rowan & Martin

Bing Crosby, Bob Hope, Carol Burnett in The Carol Burnett Show season 3

The legendary Bing Crosby and Rowan & Martin guest star! Bing plays himself in a sketch set in the famous Brown Derby …. And his old friend and co-star, Bob Hope, makes an unscripted appearance! Meanwhile the “Laugh-In” boys play crooks confronted by Fireside Girl Alice Portnoy. And the Fireside Girl’s blackmail flows like water, of course. Almost feel sorry for those criminals …

Originally aired November 9, 1969

S3 E8 – The Carol Burnett Show: Andy Griffith

After taking law and order a little too far, Andy Griffith gets his comeuppance from Carol Burnett

Tonight’s guest: Andy Griffith! Andy leaves his familiar role as Sheriff Taylor far behind in a sketch called “Mr. Law & Order.” He’s a police officer, who takes the idea of living by the book too far — even at home! And Carol’s his suffering spouse, who’s finally had enough! In the ending of the sketch, he tries to tear gas her in the kitchen! But she comes out, wearing a gas mask! Then her neighbor and friend Vicki Lawrence comes in to complain about her husband — the fireman!

And on “Carol & Sis”, Roger leaves Carol a football widow.

Andy Griffith as the Prince and Harvey Korman as the foppish Fairy Godfather in "Cinderellie"

Then in the main sketch, Andy joins Carol for a down home, countrified fairy tale musical production number: “Cinderellie.” With Harvey Korman being absolutely hilarious as Cinderellie’s foppish fairy godfather! He’s filling in for his wife, you see …

Originally aired November 16, 1969

S3 E10 – The Carol Burnett Show: Lucille Ball, George Carlin

Carol Burnett and Lucille Ball as airline stewardesses, while Harvey Korman attempts to hijack the plane to Cuba!

Two generations of comedy guest star in this episode–the fabulous Lucille Ball and the funny George Carlin! Lucy and Carol fly high as flight attendants — who are competing for a prize. And Harvey Korman is hilarious as the man who wants to hijack the plane to Cuba! While the two ladies are literally killing him with kindness. as well as George serving up a slice of stand-up.

Lucille Ball and Carol Burnett as The Rock Sisters in The Carol Burnett Show season 3

Guest star Lucille Ball joins Carol for a glittering showbiz sketch, “The Rock Sisters!” Did you ever wonder what happened to the old vaudeville entertainers? The Rock Sisters has been waiting decades for their comeback. And Harvey appears as their old manager, and George Carlin (with “help” from Vicki Lawrence) is putting on a large show that needs just one more act …

Meanwhile, comedy genius George Carlin is on hand with plenty of words that you CAN say on television.

Originally aired November 23, 1969

S3 E12 – The Carol Burnett Show: Martha Raye, Tim Conway

Poetically-named guest stars Martha Raye and Tim Conway come to play, with Martha joining Carol in a sketch about a pair of mothers in the park, and Tim scoring (laughs) as “The Virgin Prince.”

Originally aired December 7, 1969

S3 E13 – The Carol Burnett Show: Garry Moore, Durward Kirby

Carol Burnett as the grieving widow, testifying in court about the untimely death of her husband

Carol’s old friends Garry Moore and Durward Kirby visit for the holidays, contributing to a fast and funny toy ad, the kind that they used to include in kiddies television shows back in the day. Then, in a tongue-twisting courtroom sketch, Carol is the grieving widow, testifying about the untimely death of her husband. And it’s all told in nursery rhymes!

Also: it’s poker night on “Carol & Sis.” And poor Carol’s feeling under the weather. But the game must go on!

Originally aired December 14, 1969

S3 E14 – The Carol Burnett Show: Nancy Wilson, Donald O’Connor

Donald O'Connor and Carol Burnett do the on stage warm up

Nancy Wilson and Donald O’Connor guest star! It begins with the on stage warmup, when Donald shows Carol the very funny “Throw the hat at my foot” routine. Sketches include a housewife plagued by familiar commercials for household products, and a loving spoof of the popular “College Musical” subgenre. With Carol as the nerdy bookworm, Donald as the star player who needs coaching, and Harvey as the dean of the college!

Originally aired December 28, 1969

S3 E15 – The Carol Burnett Show: Kaye Stevens, Audrey Meadows

Harvey Korman and Audrey Meadows

Kaye Stevens and Audrey Meadows guest star in this episode, featuring favorite recurring sketches “As The Stomach Turns” and the “10th Avenue Family.”

No, Harvey Korman’s not a magician in the “As the Stomach Turns” sketch. He’s playing the party of a society doctor, who’s called to Carol’s home to deal with an emergency. It’s his first wife! And his social-climbing current wife could care less …

Originally aired January 4, 1970

S3 E16 – The Carol Burnett Show: Nancy Wilson, Nanette Fabray

Carol Burnett and Audrey Meadows in "As the Stomach Turns"

Guests Nancy Wilson and Nanette Fabray are here for tonight’s “As The Stomach Turns.” And it’s an absolutely hilarious routine, with Audrey as a kleptomaniac!

And on “Carol & Sis”, the siblings practice for their First Aid course on a resuscitation mannequin. Which they’re trying to hide from Harvey, who wrongly thinks that Carol’s hiding a strange man in their house!

Originally aired January 11, 1970

S3 E17 – The Carol Burnett Show: Flip Wilson, Vikki Carr

Mission Impossible spoof - where the actual cast shows up!

Flip Wilson and Vikki Carr choose to accept Carol’s mission: to appear in the spoof “Mission: Improbable”…which includes a very special cameo! Unknown to everyone, the cast of the actual “Mission: Impossible” cast shows up! Everyone cracks up — except for Flip Wilson! He’s doing his Geraldine character, and starts flirting with Greg Morrison, cracking him up! The entire sketch is quite funny, and this is the cherry on top.

Originally aired January 18, 1970

S3 E18 – The Carol Burnett Show: Soupy Sales, Mel Torme

Alice Portnoy blackmailing Soupy Sales in "The Carol Burnett Show" season 3

Guest star Soupy Sales plays a hospital patient who is subjected to Fireside Girl Alice Portnoy’s unique bedside manner. The entire cast joins Carol for the movie spoof “Mildred Fierce.” It’s absolutely hilarious, a spoof of the famous “Mildred Pierce“. Tim Conway appears as the police sergeant to whom Mildred tells the entire story in flashback. And Harvey’s absolutely hilarious as Mildred’s unfaithful husband.

Originally aired January 25, 1970

S3 E19 – The Carol Burnett Show: Joan Rivers

Harvey Korman and Carol Burnett as the old folks in "The Carol Burnett Show" season 3

Comedienne Joan Rivers kills the crowd with her comedy set, while The Old Folks and the 10th Avenue Family appear in sketches that keep the audience rolling in the aisles.

Originally aired February 1, 1970

S3 E20 – The Carol Burnett Show: S3 E20 – Family Show

Family Show - Vicki Lawrence, Lyle Waggoner, Carol Burnett, Harvey Korman

Carol & Sis (& Roger) wrap up their evening after coming home from a costume party. It’s a very funny sketch! At the costume party, Roger was dressed in a suit of armor — and he’s stuck! He can’t open his visor. And he’s apparently had too much to drink, as well! Until the real Roger shows up! The two sisters brought home the wrong suit of armor! And the two men even have a sword fight!

Meanwhile, Carol and Harvey delight with a pair of sketches: one set in a prison, the other about school teachers – where they both portray nerdy, shy school teachers, far too uncomfortable to review the material for the sex education class they have to teach!.

Originally aired February 15, 1970

S3 E21 – The Carol Burnett Show: Pat Carroll, Jack Jones

Pat Carroll and Carol Burnett in The Carol Burnett Show season 3

Pat Carroll and Jack Jones are Carol’s exciting and new guests. Pat and Carol play competing commercial actresses up for the same role. And Vicki, as the sexy-but-ditzy secretary, wants the job as well! Poor Harvey Korman has to decide …

Plus: another chapter of “As The Stomach Turns.” It’s very funny, as Pat plays an insanely obese woman, eating everything in sight, trying to get away from her lovesick husband …. Lyle Waggoner!

Originally aired February 22, 1970

S3 E22 – The Carol Burnett Show: Jane Connell, Tim Conway

Tim Conway and Harvey Korman trying to deal with their hangovers in The Carol Burnett Show season 3

Jane Connell and the ever-funny Tim Conway guest star! Tonight’s episode features Harvey and Tim as tipsy friends coming home from a night of carousing. It’s a hilariously funny sketch, with Tim trying to deal with his massive hangover while not waking his wife.

Followed by a hilarious spoof of The Arabian Nights. Carol as the princess, Harvey as the evil usurper, and Tim and the very elderly genie! And Lyle puts in a surprise appearance at the end.

Originally aired March 1, 1970

S3 E23 – The Carol Burnett Show: Nanette Fabray

Carol Burnett and Nanette Fabray in "As the Stomach Turns"

Frequent guest Nanette Fabray settles in for another appearance on “As The Stomach Turns.” Also featured: “Carol & Sis” go gaga over Roger’s briefcase, which is surprisingly filled with cash. Overly dramatic Carol assumes that Roger’s embezzled the money, and plans to abandon her and fly off with their sexy neighbor. The actual answer is much more pedestrian, but it’s a funny sketch.

Originally aired March 8, 1970

S3 E24 – The Carol Burnett Show: Nancy Wilson, Ronnie Schell

Carol Burnett, Ronnie Schell, Harvey Korman in the "Carol & Sis" segment

Fireside Girl Alice Portnoy is back to create more havoc in this episode, which features guest star Ronnie Schell and a sketch in the ever-popular “Carol & Sis” saga.

One of the highlights of the episode, frankly, is Ronnie as a failing nightclub comedian, who comes in to the hotel room where his wife, Carol, is waiting. He’s flopped again, and to prove to him that he can still handle hecklers, she starts zinging him with one-liners relentlessly!

Originally aired March 15, 1970

S3 E25 – The Carol Burnett Show: Martha Raye, Mel Torme

Martha Raye and Carol Burnett sitting on a park bench in The Carol Burnett Show season 3

Mel Torme and Martha Raye are tonight’s guests! Sketches include Martha and Carol as two dog-loving ladies. This is frankly a hilarious sketch, as the two are sharing a park bench. Martha plays a low income person with glee, contrasting with Carol’s snooty, upper class view of life.

The show also spoofs Disney classics, including “Fantasia“, “Sleeping Beauty” and “Mary Poppins.” Originally aired March 22, 1970

S3 E26 – The Carol Burnett Show: Tim Conway and Peggy Lee

Carol Burnett and Tim Conway in The Carol Burnett Show season 3

Tim Conway proves himself once again to be one of the funniest men on the planet in this episode, which features him in two sketches. He’s a bachelor on a cruise ship, where he meets desperate spinster Carol! In the middle of a squall! And he really goes “overboard” for her.

And, both Peggy Lee and Tim Conway join Carol, Lyle and Vicki for a Swiss bell-ringing bit to “Applause“.

Originally aired March 29, 1970

S3 E27 – The Carol Burnett Show: Nanette Fabray, Michele Lee

Nanette Fabray and Carol Burnett

Nanette Fabray and the lovely Michele Lee guest star in another hilarious episode. Nanette and Carol Burnett appear as two members of a censorship board, and struggle to contain their feelings as they watch various materials. And their reactions are hilarious! “Want to see it a third time?” As is the ending, when the audience finally sees the projectionist – Harvey Korman

Other skits includes a commercial take-off and the continuing story of the soap opera spoof “As The Stomach Turns.”

Originally aired April 12, 1970

S3 E28 – The Carol Burnett Show: Family Show

Harvey Korman as a pretentious actor, undercut by an inexperienced, starstruck actress (Carol Burnett) in The Carol Burnett Show season 3

The third season finale “Family Show” features the cast of regulars at their very best, highlighting by Carol’s performance as the ditsy girlfriend of a movie producer inserted into a classy play.

Originally aired April 26, 1970

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