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Batman and Robin movie serial

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Batman and Robin (1949) movie serial starring Robert Lowery, Johnny Duncan
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Batman and Robin 1949 – the movie serial in 15 chapters, where they fight a mystery criminal who can turn invisible!

Batman and Robin (1949) movie serial starring Robert Lowery, Johnny Duncan

First off, Batman and Robin is the old movie serial – no relation to Batman & Robin.

The basic plot has Gotham in the grip of a massive crime wave. It stretches the police force to their limits, but Batman and Robin fill in the gaps. Then, a bizarre invention is stolen. A device that can remotely control any vehicle in a 50 mile radius. The inventor of the device, a cantankerous old man in a wheelchair, is more than upset. He places himself in a bizarre electric chair, after which he can walk! Shortly after, we see the masked criminal mastermind, The Wizard. It’s heavily implied he’s the inventor. But is it a red herring? The Wizard’s gang needs diamonds to power the machine. Lots of them. So the crime wave’s back on!

Viewing options

You can buy Batman and Robin on DVD through Amazon, watch it on Amazon Prime (although that’s frankly expensive – $2/episode, or $15 for all 15 episodes), or watch it for free on Tubi TV.

Cast of characters

  • Robert Lowery (House of Horrors, The Mummy’s Ghost) … Batman / Bruce Wayne.
  • Johnny Duncan (The Mystery of the 13th Guest) … Robin / Dick Grayson
  • Jane Adams (House of Dracula) … Vicki Vale. Girl reporter/photographer.
  • Lyle Talbot (Our Little Girl, The Case of the Lucky Legs) … Commissioner Jim Gordon
  • Ralph GravesWinslow Harrison [Chs. 7-8] President of the railroad association, who won’t give in to the Wizard’s blackmail.
  • Don C. Harvey (Merry Mavericks) … Nolan – Henchman [Chs. 1-6].
  • William Fawcett (The Adventures of Sir Galahad) … Prof. Hammil. Wheelchair bound invalid, inventor of the stolen device.
  • Leonard Penn (Marie Antoinette) … Carter – Hammil’s Valet
  • Rick Vallin (Ghosts on the Loose) … Barry Brown. Muckraking radio reporter.
  • Michael Whalen (The Phantom from 10,000 Leagues, Poor Little Rich Girl) … Dunne – Private Investigator [Chs. 2, 9, 12]. Seen leaving Brown’s office.
  • Greg McClure (The Great John L. Sullivan) … Evans – Henchman [Chs. 1-6]
  • House Peters Jr. (Flash Gordon 1936) … Earl – Henchman [Chs. 7-15]
  • Jim DiehlJason – Henchman [Chs. 3-15]
  • Rusty WescoattIves – Henchman [Chs. 3-13]
  • Eric WiltonAlfred Beagle. Bruce Wayne’s faithful butler. Batman’s helper.

Batman and Robin chapter titles:

Batman Takes Over

introducing the cast, setting the stage. Death trap: exploding plane.

Tunnel of Terror

fight on top of a train, as the train’s about to go into a tunnel.

Robin’s Wild Ride

Batman thrown off a cliff by a … remote-controlled crowbar? Robin kidnapped!

Batman Trapped!

Does electronic equipment electrocute Batman?

Robin Rescues Batman!

Vicki’s brother Jimmy is part of the Wizard’s gang! Batman and Vicki trapped underwater by burning oil

Target – Robin!

Then, Batman impersonates the captured criminal Mac, to infiltrate the gang. But they expect him to kill Robin! However, they escape, and the Wizard’s men lure them into a death trap.

The Fatal Blast

The Wizard attempts to kidnap the railroad head. He & Batman head to a cabin for safety, unaware that one of the gang’s set a bomb …

Robin Meets the Wizard!

Knocked unconscious in a burning warehouse …

The Wizard Strikes Back!

Don’t trust Jimmy! Then, Batman & Robin’s car is driven off a cliff by remote control …

Batman’s Last Chance!

Batman’s knocked unconscious by an electrified doorknob. Then, Jimmy finds him, and discovers his secret identity. Moments later, Batman’s attacking the gang … But he’s knocked out a window to fall to his death!

Robin’s Ruse

However, it was Jimmy Vale in the Batman costume who died. But The Wizard suspects that Bruce Wayne is Batman! So, his goons kidnap Bruce Wayne …

Robin Rides the Wind

Robin’s hidden inside the armored car, that’s supposed to be carrying a device to neutralize The Wizard’s device. Then the Wizard’s man bombs it from the air!

The Wizard’s Challenge

And so, the Wizard turns himself invisible! Then, he blows open the top-secret vault where Batman’s waiting!

Batman vs. Wizard!

Next, Batman’s identified the fingerprints on the glove the Wizard left behind. They think Carter’s the Wizard. But an unknown person shoots and kills him. And then, Barry’s about to reveal the Wizard’s identity over the radio. But an invisible man strangles him! Then the Wizard vows to kill Commissioner Gordon!

Batman Victorious

Finally, the conclusion. And now, The Wizard’s unexpected identity is revealed. Thanks to Vicki’s infrared photograph. So the dynamic duo trail the Wizard’s men to his secret lair. But the Wizard’s going to detonate the equipment, if he can. Finally, the actual Wizard is apprehended. In conclusion, Bruce convinces Vicki that he can’t possibly be the Batman!


  • Batman artist Bob Kane created Vicki Vale in 1948. He based her on Marilyn Monroe, who he met at a Hollywood party. Kim Basinger played her in Batman (1989).
  • If Robert Lowery’s Batman costume seems a bit ill-fitting, it’s because it was tailored for Kirk Alyn, a bigger man. Alyn starred as Superman in Superman (1948) and Atom Man vs. Superman (1950). Lowery had a terrible time trying to see out of the poorly designed Batman mask.
  • There’s no Batmobile. Batman drives a Mercury convertible.
  • In Chapter 1, there’s a robbery on Ellsworth Ave. This is a nod to Whitney Ellsworth, an editor at DC comics.

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