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The Mummy’s Ghost [1944]

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The Mummy's Ghost (1944) starring Lon Chaney Jr. and John Carradine
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The Mummy’s Ghost (1944) starring Lon Chaney Jr., John Carradine


In The Mummy’s Ghost, Kharis (Lon Chaney Jr.) returns, still searching for his lost love, Princess Ananka. When her mummified body disappears, he realizes that she’s been reincarnated. And he will find her …

Cast of characters

Kharis / The Mummy

Lon Chaney, Jr. (The Wolf Man, Alligator People) as Kharis / The Mummy. The undying mummy, who’s still out to return his Princess Ananka to Egypt, and kill the defilers of her grave.

Yousef Bey

John Carradine (Five Came Back, The Secret of NIMH) as Yousef Bey. The new High Priest of Carnak Arkam, who tries to steer Kharis on his murderous rampage. And falls in love, for no reason, with Ananka, and is willing to break his vows to be with her. What is with these high priests and their inability to resist a pretty girl?

Tom Harvey

Robert Lowery (House of Horrors) as Tom Hervey. The young protagonist, who’s in love with Amina, and tries to protect her.

Amina Mansori

Ramsay Ames (Calling Dr. Death) as Amina Mansori / Ananka. Tom’s love interest. She’s physically lovely as well as kind and intelligent. She has Egyptian ancestry, and begins to undergo changes as the movie progresses. Frankly, the audience can see what’s going to happen to her, and it breaks our heart as we watch. Compliments to the actress.

Inspector Walgreen

Barton MacLane (The Big Street, The Case of the Lucky Legs) as Inspector Walgreen. Unlike many of these films, Inspector Walgreen believes in the existence of the mummy. Also, he’s intelligent enough to devise and execute a plan to trap Kharis.


George Zucco (The Mad Ghoul) as Andoheb. The former High Priest of Carnack Arkam. He summons Yousef Bey to explain via flashback what’s happened before, and anoint him as the new High Priest. Why has the name of the supposed Egyptian deity changed? Nobody seems to know, care, or even notice. Nor is it explained how, having been clearly shot to death in the previous film, he’s survived. Can’t keep a bad man down, I suppose …

Professor Norman

Frank Reicher as Professor Norman. The professor who recognizes the sign of the mummy, and teaches his unbelieving class about it. Unfortunately, he translates a hieroglyph about the juice of Tana leaves, and tries it for himself. By doing so, he signs his death warrant.

Sheriff Elwood

Harry Shannon as Sheriff Elwood. Again, not the stereotypical sheriff that you might expect in a mummy movie. He knows that a mummy had previously terrorized the community, and he does what he can to prevent it.

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THE MUMMY’S GHOST An ancient curse that has survived for 3,000 years is coming to America! In ancient Egypt, the princess Ananka and lowly commoner Kharis fell in love and pledged themselves eternally to each other. Although buried together, Kharis is given a sacred potion that grants him eternal life – and an eternity to search for his lost love. Lon Chaney, Jr. as Kharis and John Carradine as an Egyptian priest star in this engaging story of a couple’s true love that survives the centuries and the unending curse that haunts them. The Mummy’s Ghost unearths hope for romantics everywhere with its surprising finale!

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