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Tremors 5 Bloodlines (2015) starring Michael Gross, Jamie Kennedy
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Tremors 5 Bloodlines (2015) starring Michael Gross, Jamie Kennedy

reviewed by: The Masked Reviewer

Before I start this review you should know I love the Tremor series. The Tremors series up to this point now matter how silly they became, they all had a special charm to them.

Tremors was the best of the series. Then, Tremors 2 was a pale imitation of the first one, but the Burt Gummer scenes were gold. Tremors 3 was a triumphant return to greatness. And Tremors 4 was a delightful prequel that answered questions, and had excellent lore. Tremors 5 is just a bad movie filled with cliches.

The Tremors Series has several traits that make it a Tremors film.

  1. A hard working community environment
  2. Likeable characters
  3. Preparation for the fight
  4. Amazing monsters
  5. Inventive kills
  6. Great fights
  7. Burt Gummer

Synopsis of Tremors 5 Bloodlines

Tremors 5 Bloodlines begins with Burt Gummer (Michael Gross) starring in a survival series. When he is approached by a pushy filmmaker Travis Welker (Jamie Kennedy from The Son of the Mask) trying to expand Burt’s brand. Burt hires Travis as his new cameraman, when a representative from the South American Wildlife Ministry named Erick Van Wyk (Daniel Janks) arrives to hire Burt to help with an Ass-Blaster problem. On the way to South Africa Burt bonds with the pilot Den Bravers (Ian Roberts) over monsters, and monster hunting.

When Burt arrives he finds out his heavy weapons were impounded. His day doesn’t get better when he sees a video of the Ass-blaster, which is an African version of the Ass-Blaster. Meanwhile, a couple is murdered by an African Ass-Blaster after discovering the fossilized remains of an African Graboid. Burt, and Travis arrive at the animal refuge, where they meet the rest of the main cast Nandi the veterinarian (Pearl Thusi), her daughter Amahle (Nolitha Zulu), Baruti (Rea Rangaka), and Thaba (Sello Sebostane) . It’s up to Burt to improvise a new plan to stop this new breed of Ass-Blaster.

Review of Tremors 5 Bloodlines

Do you like pee jokes? If you do you’ll probably enjoy Tremors 5 form of humor. This movie also enjoys making old age jokes about Burt. Oh, the person making the “You’re so old jokes” is the irresponsible, whiny, Travis. I personally don’t believe the man in his forties that is is easily out run by Burt in his sixties, should be making jokes about how slow Burt is. Amahle stole my heart when she tricked Travis into eating a worm.

There are moments that almost feel like a Tremors movie, but then the scene changes into something else entirely. Tremors 5 at times felt more like the Jurassic Park films. The kills weren’t inventive, the action scenes were lackluster, and I hated the forced banter between Burt, and Travis. I loved the idea of the Ass-Blasters in Africa, but it was so poorly executed.

Michael Gross did the best he could with the script. But it was really great to see Burt Gummer back in action and killing Ass-Blasters. A great addition to the Tremors universe is Den Bravers the African Burt. Den, and Burt didn’t get enough screentime together. Nandi, Amahle, and Baruti were all likable but there wasn’t enough time to learn much of anything about them. Travis, and Erick Van Wyk are poorly written, and bad characters in general. If you replaced Travis with a better character and removed Erick Van Wyk completely from Tremors 5 it would be a much better movie.

The African Ass-Blaster, and African Graboid are fantastic monster designs. Their new skills are clever, and vicious. They are great monsters that deserve a better movie.

I wish it was a better movie. The only star I’ll give this movie is for Burt, Den, and for those great monsters.

1/5 stars

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