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Tremors (1990) starring Kevin Bacon, Fred Ward


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Tremors is a delightful monster movie from the 90’s, where a small town in the middle of nowhere is suddenly dealing with subterranean creatures. Hungry creatures …

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Meant To Be

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Meant to Be – a story of several intersecting lives: a young man looking for his birth mother, a young girl with promise unexpectedly pregnant, a mom trying to deal with loss …

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Tremors 5

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Tremors 5 Bloodlines (2015) starring Michael Gross, Jamie Kennedy

reviewed by: The Masked Reviewer

Before I start this review you should know I love the Tremor series. The Tremors series up to this point now matter how silly they became, they all had a special charm to them.

Tremors was the best of the series. Then, Tremors 2 was a pale imitation of the first one, but the Burt Gummer scenes were gold. Tremors 3 was a triumphant return to greatness. And Tremors 4 was a delightful prequel that answered questions, and had excellent lore. Tremors 5 is just a bad movie filled with cliches.

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