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Irresistible Andy

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Irresistible Andy - The Andy Griffith Show season 1
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In Irresistible Andy, Andy is tickled after Ellie accepts his invitation to the church picnic and dance. But soon comes to think that it is a scheme by Ellie and Fred, who talked Andy into asking his niece, to get her a husband. To put the “desperate, determined hunter” onto other “quarry”, Andy tells several other men that Ellie finds them attractive. Opie spills the beans and Ellie breaks the date and decides to go with Barney. Andy talks Barney out of going and winds up chaperoning Ellie and her other date. Original airdate: October 31, 1960

Irresistible AndyThe Andy Griffith Show season 1

Opie Taylor: You a desperate hunter, Miss Ellie?
Ellie Walker: Not really.
Opie Taylor: ‘Cause I know where you can get yourself a possum.

Ellie Walker: How dare you think I’d wanna marry you? Who do you think you are? Just because I accepted what I thought was a friendly, neighborly invitation… And for your information, Mr. Sheriff, I’ve given dozens of children free ice cream cones – even if they weren’t the children of such gorgeous, charming, desirable catches as yourself! Well, let me tell you something, you big, brave hero – I wouldn’t go to the dance with you if you were the last man on Earth, let alone marry you! Nor do I need your generous help in getting an escort. And just to prove it to you, I’m going to go with the first single, unattached man who comes through that door!
Deputy Barney Fife: [entering] Hi.
Ellie Walker: YOU!
Deputy Barney Fife: Me?
Ellie Walker: Yes. Are you taking anyone to the church dance Saturday?
Deputy Barney Fife: No.
Ellie Walker: In that case, I accept your invitation! Thank You! [Ellie storms off]
Deputy Barney Fife: [to Andy] I just come in here for some foot powder.

Frankly, this is an example of the foolish type of thing that would become Barney’s exclusive issue in the future. The end of the episode’s both sweet and funny, and Andy goes to Ellie’s, eats some humble pie, and takes her to the dance.

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  • This is the first time that Barney appears out of uniform and in his formal “salt and pepper” suit. 
  • Andy compares the well-dressed Barney to Adolphe Menjou, an actor who was known for dressing sharp.
  • This is the only episode where both Ellie and her uncle Fred appear together. Fred appeared in only one other episode (without Ellie) in “Those Gossipin’ Men.” 

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