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Barney Gets His Man

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Barney Gets His Man - The Andy Griffith Show season 1 - "What's wrong?" "I swallowed my gum."
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Barney Gets His ManThe Andy Griffith Show season 1

In Barney Gets His Man, Deputy Barney Fife arrests a wanted criminal. And then he lets the praise go to his head, which is only expected. But then, the man who’s sworn revenge — escapes!

Barney catches a man littering and starts to write him a ticket. And when the man tries to bribe him with five dollars to forget the whole thing, Barney’s offended, and adding another charge to the ticket! But then the man sees a state police car and tries to flee. He and Barney get tangled up and fall to the ground and the policemen credit Barney with the capture. “I’ll get you for this, deputy,” Eddie Brooke threatens a befuddled Barney as they lead him away. With a gathering crowd congratulating him, Barney quickly recovers and swaggers away, spending the rest of the day basking in the limelight. 

Before a party at Andy’s that night, they find out Brooke has escaped again. He heads toward Mayberry so Andy and Barney, who’s edgy now, join the manhunt. The woods are quiet and Barney tries to tell Andy what really happened the day before. They rendezvous with the state men at an old barn where Andy thinks the criminal is hiding out. So he sets Barney up in the barn to recapture Brooke. Original airdate: May 8, 1961

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