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Andy Forecloses

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Andy Forecloses - The Andy Griffith Show season 1 - Ben Weaver
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Andy ForeclosesThe Andy Griffith Show season 1

Andy Forecloses – stingy businessman Ben Weaver’s forcing Sheriff Taylor to foreclose on a desperate couple. So, he decides to show Ben what he looks and sounds like …

Andy Taylor: [after Ben leaves] Now, there’s a man that’s got everything. He’s not only got all the money in town, he’s got all the meanness, too.

Businessman Ben Weaver wants Andy to serve a foreclosure notice on the Scobeys after Lester Scobey misses a single payment. Andy and Barney come up with the money themselves, but Ben refuses it, saying he is now owed the entire balance. He threatens Andy if he doesn’t serve the paper. Barney starts the “Save the Scobey House Fund” while Andy finds legal ways to stall the process. Andy takes Lester’s eyeglasses so he can’t read the notice. They even hold a rummage sale.

Rummage Sale Customer: Uh, how much is this?
Sheriff Andy Taylor: Oh, ’bout three dollars.
Rummage Sale Customer: What you suppose it is?
Sheriff Andy Taylor: If I knew that it’d cost you five.
Rummage Sale Customer: Sounds like a bargain.
Sheriff Andy Taylor: Heh, yeah… yeah, one of these is nice to have.
Rummage Sale Customer: I always wanted one.

But at the rummage sale, Ben gives Andy an ultimatum. Either serve the eviction papers, or Ben will see to it that Andy’s removed from office.

Andy Taylor: You know, I just can’t believe that anybody could be as mean as Ben Weaver’s makin’ out.
Barney Fife: He sure got me convinced.
Andy Taylor: [suddenly gets an idea] Well, maybe he just don’t see how mean he really is.

Andy decides to show Ben how mean he really is. At noon the next day, Andy, with Ben in tow, ruthlessly confronts the Scobey’s and practically forces them out the door. The bewildered couple tries to move out in an orderly way …. But Andy will have none of it and reduces Mrs. Scobey to tears. It’s even too much for Ben, who calls off the foreclosure. And Andy returns Lester’s eyeglasses with a wink and a smile. Original airdate: April 24, 1961

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