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The Night Strangler

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The Night Strangler (1973) starring Darrin McGavin, Simon Oakland
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In The Night Strangler, reporter Carl Kolchak investigates a series of murders in Seattle. Murders that occur every 21 years …

The Night Strangler (1973) starring Darrin McGavin, Simon Oakland

The Night Strangler” is a made-for-television movie that first aired in 1973. It is the sequel to the 1972 TV movie “The Night Stalker” and follows the same main character, reporter Carl Kolchak, as he investigates a series of murders that take place in Seattle.

The movie is a suspenseful thriller that captures the same essence of the original movie, with a few improvements in terms of pacing and storyline. The plot revolves around a series of murders that occur every 21 years, and Kolchak is determined to uncover the truth behind them. The story takes several twists and turns, and the audience is kept on the edge of their seat throughout.

Darren McGavin, who plays the lead character Carl Kolchak, delivers a brilliant performance once again. His portrayal of the quirky and unorthodox journalist is both entertaining and endearing. The supporting cast is also strong, with some standout performances by Jo Ann Pflug and Simon Oakland.

The film’s cinematography and visual effects are impressive for a made-for-television production of its time. The use of lighting and camera angles effectively create a suspenseful atmosphere, and the special effects used to depict the supernatural elements are well-done.

Overall, “The Night Strangler” is a solid sequel that delivers on the promise of the original. It is an enjoyable and suspenseful thriller that showcases Darren McGavin’s talents as an actor. Fans of the original film will not be disappointed, and those who have not seen it should definitely give it a watch.

Product Description 

BRAND NEW 4K RESTORATION! Supernatural phenomena, baffling murders and offbeat humor mark this second Night Stalker offering with a great cast and suspense so palpable, it’ll feel like a presence right there in the room with you. Surfacing in Seattle, Kolchak (Darren McGavin, The Night Stalker) uncovers another maddening mystery: Every 21 years—for the past century—a serial killer commits a spree of murders, drains his victims’ blood and then quietly disappears. But Kolchak is onto this monster and is about to discover a shocking underground lair… an army of rotting corpses… and the ageless madman behind it all.

The great Dan Curtis (Burnt Offerings) produced and directed this highly-rated TV movie written by legendary sci-fi/horror writer Richard Matheson (I Am Legend). The stellar cast includes Jo Ann Pflug (Scream of the Wolf), Simon Oakland (Bullitt), Scott Brady (He Walked by Night), Wally Cox (TV’s Mister Peepers), Margaret Hamilton (The Wizard of Oz), John Carradine (House of the Long Shadows) and Al Lewis (TV’s The Munsters).

Special Features:
-Brand New 4K Restoration 
-NEW Audio Commentary by Film Historian Tim Lucas 
-NEW Interview with Composer Bob Cobert 
-“Directing ‘The Night Strangler'” Featurette 
-Newly Commissioned Art by Sean Phillips

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