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The Carol Burnett Show Season 6

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The Carol Burnett Show Season 6
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The Carol Burnett Show season 6 – the comedy rolls on full steam, with a wide variety of guest stars, hilarious spoofs and satires. Enjoy!

1. The Carol Burnett Show: S6 E1 – Jim Nabors

Carol Burnett‘s good luck charm Jim Nabors guest stars! This episode is highlighted by Harvey Korman‘s belated Emmy Award acceptance speech, and a Nostalgia Theatre presentation of the WWII-set “Hollywood Canteen.”

Originally aired September 12, 1972

2. The Carol Burnett Show: S6 E2 – Marty Feldman, Carol Channing

The great Marty Feldman and Carol Channing are tonight’s special guests. Highlights include Marty, Harvey, and Carol as a bored airline crew who cause havoc on a flight, and wacky commercial spoofs.

Originally aired September 19, 1972

3. The Carol Burnett Show: S6 E3 – Family Show

Tonight’s episode is for film buffs! Carol plays a housewife obsessed with celebrity gossip, much to Harvey’s chagrin. Then, a take-off on an award-winning Hitchcock classic (Rebecca) with “Rebecky.”

Originally aired September 26, 1972

4. The Carol Burnett Show: S6 E4 – Steve Lawrence, Paul Sand

Steve Lawrence and Paul Sand are tonight’s guests! Paul plays a shy man trying to gain confidence by listening to a self-help record, while Steve joins Carol and Harvey in “The Putrified Forest.”

Originally aired October 3, 1972

The Carol Burnett Show: S6 E5 – Jack Gilford

A funny thing happened on the way to The Carol Burnett Show–Jack Gilford came along for the ride! Gilford plays a man whose life is briefly transformed by a hat. Then, Jack drops in on “Carol & Sis.” A funny episode, that’s surprisingly sweet.

Originally aired October 10, 1972

The Carol Burnett Show: S6 E6 – Joel Grey, Cass Elliot

Carol welcomes Joel Grey and Cass Elliot as her guests! Highlights include a salute to Foreign Language films, and a sketch featuring Joel, Harvey, and Lyle as puppies in a pet store window.

Originally aired October 17, 1972

7. The Carol Burnett Show: S6 E7 – Tim Conway

Tim Conway‘s talents are in top form for this episode. He plays The Oldest Galley Slave. What happens when Tim Conway’s “old man” character is chained on a galley ship next to fellow slave Harvey Korman? Poor Harvey! Then, he’s an ad exec paying a visit on demented actress Nora Desmond. Carol Burnett as Nora shines in the sketch, a does Harvey Korman as “Max!!” And finally, Tim Conway as a lawyer who happens to be a rabbit. F. Lee Bunny! Another hilarious sketch.

8. The Carol Burnett Show: S6 E8 – Stiller and Meara

The comedy duo of Stiller and Meara guest star, showing off a bit of their act and joining in the sketch comedy fun with the gang. Also: Carol as the oblivious do-gooder, “Mary Worthless.”

Originally aired October 31, 1972

9. The Carol Burnett Show: S6 E9 – Lily Tomlin, Steve Lawrence

Lily Tomlin and Steve Lawrence guest star! Lily plays a prison matron and performs a monologue, while Steve plays a crime boss on his honeymoon, but is constantly interrupted by requests for favors.

Originally aired November 7, 1972

10. The Carol Burnett Show: S6 E10 – Ruth Buzzi, John Davidson, Burt Reynolds

Guest stars are everywhere! Ruth Buzzi joins Carol in the audience, Burt Reynolds shows up for the Q&A, and John Davidson takes part in a salute to classic movies from MGM, including “National Velvet.”

Originally aired November 14, 1972

11. The Carol Burnett Show: S6 E11 – Vincent Price

Vincent Price is a thriller of a guest star in a salute to horror films. It’s a very funny sketch, with Vincent assembling a Frankenstein Monster …. And Carol as the Bride of Frankenstein!

Meanwhile, George imagines himself as a riverboat gambler–but still can’t escape his oppressive wife Zelda, even in his dream. And, a pregnant pause on “Carol & Sis.”

Originally aired November 21, 1972

The Carol Burnett Show: S6 E12 – Carl Reiner

Carl Reiner guest stars on this episode, highlighted by the Non-Violent Theatre presentation of a WWII film- “The Plot To Hurt Hitler.” With Harvey as his long-lost brother. And both wearing eyepatches, which leads to some very funny bits. Also featured: Harvey in “The Writer”. And a parody of hospital soap operas, “Terminal Hospital.” With Carl as the surgeon who’s lost his touch, Carol as the head nurse, and Harvey as the butt of the joke as a male nurse …. Who has a secret …

Originally aired November 28, 1972

13. The Carol Burnett Show: S6 E13 – Bernadette Peters, Anthony Newley

Stars of stage and screen Anthony Newley and Bernadette Peters guest. This episode features Carol as The Invisible Man’s mother, and Anthony as a man who can get anything thanks to his British accent.

Originally aired December 15, 1972

14. The Carol Burnett Show: S6 E14 – Tim Conway, Steve Lawrence

Steve Lawrence and the ever-popular Tim Conway guest star! Steve plays a talk show host, and then solves a mystery as Detective Cobumble in a TV spoof featuring Tim as a butler. A hilarious spoof of Columbo that has to be been to be appreciated.

Originally aired December 22, 1972

15. The Carol Burnett Show: S6 E15 – Tim Conway, Jack Cassidy

Carol’s special guests are Jack Cassidy and Tim Conway! Tim plays a 35 year old orphan looking to be adopted in a sketch. It’s very funny, and the conclusion is downright hilarious. Then Tim joins Jack and Carol for tonight’s Old Old Movie, “The Story Of A Star.” A parody of A Star is Born, with Jack as the drunken once-great actor — who can only act when he’s blind drunk — and Carol as the ingenue he accidentally discovers.

Originally aired January 5, 1973

16. The Carol Burnett Show: S6 E16 – Ruth Buzzi, Jack Gilford

Ruth Buzzi and Jack Gilford make a guest appearance in the story of “Snow White- 15 Years Later.” It’s a very funny sketch, where all involved are hilarious. Including Harvey Korman as Prince Charming! A car accident leads to a misunderstanding on “Carol & Sis”. And Carol and Vicki deal with censorship.

Originally aired January 19, 1973

17. The Carol Burnett Show: S6 E17 – Kaye Ballard, Tim Conway

Kaye Ballard and Tim Conway are Carol’s guests tonight for an evening of sketches, highlighted by the game show spoof “The Dater’s Game”. Poor Tim ends up getting caught up in the game, and goes on a dream date with …. And Tim as a service station attendant meeting a bank robber — the suffering Harvey Korman.

Originally aired January 26, 1973

18. The Carol Burnett Show: S6 E18 – Family Show

Harvey Korman shines in a tour-de-force solo production number detailing the glory and crisis of mid-life. Meanwhile, on “Carol & Sis”, Carol goes gaga over a visit from her high school beau (Lyle).

Originally aired February 2, 1973

19. The Carol Burnett Show: S6 E19 – John Byner, Petula Clark

John Byner and Petula Clark head downtown to the show. Along with classic characters (“The Old Folks” and Alice Portnoy), TV commercial spoofs and the firing of Donald Duck (Byner) are on tap tonight. John Byner as Donald Duck is absolutely hilarious!

Originally aired February 9, 1973

20. The Carol Burnett Show: S6 E20 – Valerie Harper, Tim Conway

Carol welcomes Valerie Harper and Tim Conway as her guests! Valerie joins Carol on a blind double date, Tim is the world’s oldest fireman, and ham actor Harvey newest co-star is a miscast Charo type.

Originally aired February 16, 1973

21. The Carol Burnett Show: S6 E21 – Ken Berry, Eydie Gorme

Guests Ken Berry and Eydie Gorme appear in a lavish salute to RKO Pictures with movie spoofs aplenty. And tax time is especially stressful for Harvey with “Carol & Sis” constantly disturbing him.

Originally aired February 23, 1973

22. The Carol Burnett Show: S6 E22 – David Hartman, Paula Kelly

Tonight’s guests are David Hartman and Paula Kelly! Featured characters include washed up actress Nora Desmond and the long-suffering couple George and Zelda. Also featured: “This Is Your Lifetime.”

Originally aired March 9, 1973

23. The Carol Burnett Show: S6 E23 – William Conrad, Isabel Sanford

Please welcome guests William Conrad and Isabel Sanford to the stage! A series of short television spoofs highlight this fast-paced episode, which also features another installment of “Carol & Sis.” One of the funniest spoofs is “Broad”, mocking the then-popular “Maude” series.

Originally aired March 16, 1973

The Carol Burnett Show: S6 E24 – Family Show

Carol and Harvey are in an altogether different kind of toy story as quarreling dolls in “Barby and Ben”. And Carol takes aim at a classic romance film with the spoof, “Rancid Harvest.”

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