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The Carol Burnett Show season 1, episode 4

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The Carol Burnett Show: Lucille Ball and Tim Conway
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The Carol Burnett Show season 1, episode 4 – guest stars Lucille Ball and Tim Conway, Gloria Loring originally aired October 2, 1967

In the Carol Burnett Show season 1, episode 4, Lucille Ball and Tim Conway guest star in this episode. Highlights include a sketch in which Lucy and Carol play rival Rent-A-Car agents vying for Tim’s business.

Segments include:

Cafe Argentine - Lucille Ball, Carol Burnett, Harvey Korman
  • Carol Burnett and Lucille Ball are office workers who go to the new “Café Argentine“. The staff includes a goose-stepping maitre d’ (Harvey). A hilarious segment!
  • Carol as a housewife fighting off a recalcitrant washing machine and attacking pigeons, only to end up impaled by a medieval lance
  • “Carol and Sis” sing a rendition of “I Dig Rock and Roll Music”.
  • Guest star Tim Conway plays a bumbling TV news anchor.
  • Two rent-a-car employees (Carol for “Mavis” and Lucy for “Gertz”) compete for the attentions of traveler Tim Conway. And in the end, they both lose!
  • Carol experiences the downside of marrying superhero Harvey. It’s a hilarious sketch!
  • Carol and Lucy sing and dance to a barroom medley.

Cast of characters

  • Carol Burnett … Self – Host / Various Characters
  • Harvey Korman … Various Characters
  • Vicki Lawrence … Various Characters
  • Lyle Waggoner … Various Characters / Announcer
  • Tim Conway … Self – Guest
  • Lucille Ball … Self – Guest / Various Characters
  • Gloria Loring … Self


  • Carol’s Theme, Written by Joe Hamilton. Performed by Carol Burnett
  • I Dig Rock and Roll Music, performed by Carol Burnett & Vicki Lawrence.
  • Gloria Loring performs “Goin’ Out of My Head” and “Try to Remember“;


  • Tim Conway’s first appearance on the show.
  • This sketch “Cafe Argentine” was written shortly after several Nazis wanted for war crimes were found hiding out in South America, particularly Argentina.
  • This was the first of Lucille Ball’s four appearances on “The Carol Burnett Show.” Carol had then already appeared on two episodes of “The Lucy Show” as Carol Bradford. Lucy had also appeared in “Carol + 2” with Zero Mostel.

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