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Night Gallery season 1

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Night Gallery is Rod Serling's sequel to The Twilight Zone. It dealt more with horror and the supernatural. Some episodes are exceptional.
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Night Gallery is Rod Serling’s sequel to The Twilight Zone. It dealt more with horror and the supernatural. Some episodes are exceptional.

1. The Dead Man/ The Housekeeper

Two half-hour episodes. A physician’s experiment in hypnosis comes to a terrifying conclusion. A dabbler in black magic (Larry Hagman) attempts to fix his marriage by transferring the soul of his housekeeper into his cold-hearted wife.

2. Room with a View / The Little Black Bag / Nature of the Enemy

Room with a View - Night Gallery, season 1

In Room with a View, a wealthy invalid (Joseph Wiseman) uses his unwitting nurse (Diane Keaton) to help with his revenge against his unfaithful wife. In The Little Black Bag, Burgess Meredith plays a disgraced doctor, living as an alcoholic on skid row, in 1971. Then he finds a medical bag from 2098. The Nature of the Enemy is very short, dealing with a scientist (Joseph Campanella) at NASA Mission Control watches disaster unfold on the moon. It is, in fact, the stupidest segment of Night Gallery, bar none.

3. The House / Certain Shadows on the Wall

The House - a touching haunted house story from Night Gallery season 1

The House deals with a young woman (Joanna Pettet) who enters a house she’s seen in her dreams. A sweet, touching haunted house story, if such a thing is possible. In Certain Shadows on the Wall, the shadow of a recently deceased woman (Agnes Moorehead) remains cast on the parlor wall to haunt her sinister brother.

4. Make Me Laugh / Clean Kills and Other Trophies

Make Me Laugh - Night Gallery season 1

In Make Me Laugh, a comic (Godfrey Cambridge) desperate for laughs makes a deal with an equally desperate miracle worker. In Clean Kills and Other Trophies, a big-game hunter (Raymond Massey) faces the wrath of vengeful spirits when he forces his son to shoot a deer.

5. Pamela’s Voice / Lone Survivor / The Doll

Phyllis Diller co-stars with John Astin in a very different haunting story - Pamela's Voice

In Pamela’s Voice, husband (John Astin) is haunted by the ghost of his annoying, deceased wife (Phyllis Diller). But everything’s not as it seems … In Lone Survivor, a man (John Colicos) adrift in a lifeboat labeled Titanic is picked up. The Doll deals with a hideous doll, used for revenge against an officer (John Williams) in the colonial forces of Queen Victoria. With a very nice twist ending.

6. They’re Tearing Down Tim Riley’s Bar/The Last Laurel

William Windom in They're Tearing Down Tim Riley's Bar

A has-been salesman (William Windom) tries desperately to return to the past. Then, a crippled athlete (Jack Cassidy) plots to use mind over matter to commit murder.

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