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Night Gallery season 3 [Rod Serling]

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Night Gallery season 3 episode guide
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Night Gallery season 3 – The Night Gallery concludes its third season of stories of the macabre with som outstanding episodes. As well as with some of the great actors of the day, including Vincent Price, Bill Bixby, Mickey Rooney, Raymond Massey, and more.

Night Gallery season 3 episode guide

28. The Return of the Sorcerer

The Return of the Sorcerer contains multiple shout-outs to H.P. Lovecraft’s Cthulu mythos. It deals with a man (Vincent Price) who hires a translator (Bill Bixby) to decode an ancient Arabic manuscript. A forbidden text, that may reveal how to resurrect his twin brother. Whom he murdered.

29. The Girl with the Hungry Eyes

The Girl with the Hungry Eyes is a very well-told story about a photographer (James Farentino) hires a model (Joanna Pettet). A very unusual model, with no history, seemingly no name. Whom every man apparently desires, including John Astin. He’s the head of a corporation who wants to make her his spokesperson. But is she connected to a series of mysterious murders?

31. Rare Objects

In Rare Objects, gangster (Mickey Rooney) targeted for death meets a specialist (Raymond Massey) who guarantees him sanctuary… at a very high price.

32. Spectre in Tap-Shoes

In Spectre in Tap-Shoes, A woman is haunted by the ghost of her sister (both played by Sandra Dee) who committed suicide.

33. You Can Come Up Now, Mrs. Millikan / Smile, Please

In You Can Come Up Now, Mrs. Millikan, An inventor (Ozzie Nelson) uses his wife (Harriet Nelson) in an experiment in immortality. But she’s perpetually late …. In Smile, Please, A woman (Lindsay Wagner) tries to get a photo of a vampire with the help of someone (Cesare Danova). A comedy short.

34. The Other Way Out

The Other Way Out - Ross Martin, Burl Ives

In The Other Way Out, A murderer (Ross Martin) is lured to an isolated house where a cold, calculating avenger (Burl Ives) makes him pay for his crime. And keeps warning him that “Sonny” will be by soon, to extract his revenge for his sister’s death.

35. Fright Night

In Fright Night, A young couple (Stuart Whitman, Barbara Anderson) inherits a farmhouse where they experience unseen terrors. With the aid of their “handyman”, John Carradine. A very well-done episode.

36 Finnegan’s Flight

In Finnegan’s Flight, A prison lifer (Burgess Meredith) wishing for freedom subjects himself to his cellmate’s (Cameron Mitchell) hypnosis. At first with the prison doctor’s permission, it takes a turn for the worse, with the prisoner physically manifesting the results of what he’s hypnotized to believe.

37. She’ll Be Company for You

In She’ll Be Company for You, A widower (Leonard Nimoy) is watched by a strangely menacing cat. A cat given by his deceased wife’s best friend, who blames him for the death. But what can a cat do?

38. The Ring with the Red Velvet Ropes

In The Ring with the Red Velvet Ropes, A boxing champ (Gary Lockwood) learns he has one more bout before he can claim the title.

39. Something in the Woodwork

In Something in the Woodwork, An alcoholic woman (Geraldine Page) asks a reluctant ghost for help in her plot for revenge against her ex-husband (Leif Erickson).

40. Death on a Barge

In Death on a Barge, a fishmonger ignores his friends’ warnings when he falls for a vampire (Lesley Ann Warren). A well-done story, faithful to the lore of the vampire. There’s a reason she lives on a barge …

41. Whisper

In Whisper, Irene, a young woman (Sally Field) listens to the voices of the dead. Charlie (Dean Stockwell) is her husband and caretaker.

42. The Doll of Death

In The Doll of Death, An Englishman (Barry Atwater) uses voodoo to get revenge on a romantic rival (Alejandro Rey).

43. Hatred unto Death / How to Cure the Common Vampire

In Hatred unto Death, Anthropologists (Steve Forrest, Dina Merrill) respond to a captive gorilla’s primeval hatred. How to Cure the Common Vampire deals with two men (Richard Deacon, Johnny Brown) debating the best way to kill vampires.

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