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Night Gallery season 2 [Rod Serling]

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Night Gallery season 2
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Night Gallery season two continues with more episodes of the macabre, by Rod Serling. In fact, a full season’s worth, unlike the short first season.

7. The Boy Who Predicted Earthquakes / Miss Lovecraft Sent Me / The Hand of Borgus Weems / Phantom of What Opera?

In The Boy Who Predicted Earthquakes, a young boy (Clint Howard) has the gift of telling the future - Night Gallery season 2

In The Boy Who Predicted Earthquakes, a young boy (Clint Howard) has the gift of telling the future, with 100% accuracy. He becomes a media sensation … until he refuses to tell any more. An exccellent episode. In Miss Lovecraft Sent Me, A vampire (Joseph Campanella), hires a babysitter (Sue Lyon). I feel kind of sorry for the child … A funny, short, bit. The Hand of Borgus Weems is far more serious. A man (George Maharis) discovers that one of his hands has developed a murderous mind of its own. Phantom of What Opera? is a short, attempt at comedy. The Phantom of the Opera (Leslie Nielsen) is surprised by the woman he has taken prisoner.

8. Death in the Family / The Merciful / Class of ’99 / Witches’ Feast

Class of '99 - a graduating class takes a rather revealing final exam from their Professor (Vincent Price).  An outstanding episode of Night Gallery

In Death in the Family, a wounded killer takes refuge in a funeral. In The Merciful, A woman’s (Imogene Coca) effort to end her husband’s (King Donovan) misery is not what it seems at first. An interesting twist on Edgar Allen Poe’s Cask of Amontillado. Class of ’99 is one of the best, and most chilling, episodes of the entire Night Gallery series. In the year 1999, a graduating class takes a rather revealing final exam from their Professor (Vincent Price). Witches’ Feast is another short segment attempt at comedy — that falls flat.

9. Since Aunt Ada Came to Stay / With Apologies to Mr. Hyde / The Flip-Side of Satan

Adam West in With Apologies to Mr. Hyde - a waste of a good actor in Night Gallery

In Since Aunt Ada Came to Stay, A college professor (James Farentino) suspects his wife’s (Michele Lee) aunt (Jeanette Nolan) of being a witch. With Apologies to Mr. Hyde is another attempted comedy short that falls flat. A waste of the talents of Adam West. However, “The Flip-Side of Satan is the opposite. It casts comedic Arte Johnson in a serious role, that’s very good. He plays a disk jockey who confronts his past in an old abandoned radio station.

10. A Fear of Spiders / Junior / Marmalade Wine / The Academy

Pat Boone as the father of a … problem child, whom he's thinking of enrolling in The Academy.

In A Fear of Spiders, a heartless gourmet (Patrick O’Neal) is punished by his arachnophobia.. Junior, A mother and father (Wally Cox) learn the hardships of parenting. It’s one of the not-funny comedy shorts. In Marmalade Wine, A careless braggart (Robert Morse) has a fateful meeting with a reclusive surgeon (Rudy Vallée). The Academy is memorable and riveting. It deals with a widower (Pat Boone) investigates the unusual strictness of a military school he wishes his son to attend.

11. The Phantom Farmhouse / Silent Snow, Secret Snow

In The Phantom Farmhouse, A psychiatrist (David McCallum) falls for a mysterious woman (Linda Marsh) when one of his patients (David Carradine) tempts him into visiting her. A bittersweet love story. With werewolves. Silent Snow, Secret Snow is the story of a boy’s (Radames Pera) fascination with snow lures him into a fantasy world.

12. A Question of Fear / The Devil Is Not Mocked

The Devil is not Mocked -- who's more frightening, the Nazi or the … nobleman?  Night Gallery provides an unexpected answer

A Question of Fear – An adventurer (Leslie Nielsen) accepts a bet that he can stay overnight in a haunted house for $15,000. The Devil Is Not Mocked is a favorite episode. It deals with A Nazi general (Helmut Dantine) receives a strangely warm welcome at a Balkan castle. Francis Lederer (The Return of Dracula) co-stars. An excellent episode.

13. Midnight Never Ends / Brenda

Midnight Never Ends – A woman (Susan Strasberg) experiences déjà vu when she picks up a marine hitchhiker (Robert F. Lyons). In Brenda, a lonely girl (Laurie Prange) falls in love with a slimy creature she traps in a quarry. My sympathies go to the slimy creature, frankly.

14. The Diary / A Matter of Semantics / Big Surprise / Professor Peabody’s Last Lecture

The Diary predict the future. In A Matter of Semantics, Count Dracula (Cesar Romero) comes to a blood bank. And in Big Surprise, A strange old man (John Carradine) persuades a group of boys to dig for a big surprise. Finally, Professor Peabody’s Last Lecture has a professor (Carl Reiner) gives a lecture on ancient cults that turn out to be real. Multiple shout-outs to H. P. Lovecraft.

15. House – with Ghost / A Midnight Visit to the Neighborhood Blood Bank / Dr. Stringfellow’s Rejuvenator / Hell’s Bells

John Astin has a Devil of a time in Hell's Bells

In House – with Ghost, A philandering husband (Bob Crane) and his unsuspecting wife (Jo Anne Worley) move into a haunted house. And the ghost (Bernard Fox) is willing to dispose of someone … for a price. A Midnight Visit to the Neighborhood Blood Bank is another unfunny comedy short, with Victor Buono. Dr. Stringfellow’s Rejuvenator deals with a medicine man (Forrest Tucker) in the Old West promises to heal a farmer’s dying daughter. Hell’s Bells – A newly-deceased man (John Astin) is in for a shock when he goes to hell. Proving (literally) that one man’s Heaven is another man’s Hell.

16. The Dark Boy / Keep in Touch – We’ll Think of Something

The Dark Boy – A teacher (Elizabeth Hartman) tries to reach a strange fourth-grader. Keep in Touch – We’ll Think of Something – A man (Alex Cord) searches for a very special woman (Joanna Pettet).

17. Pickman’s Model / The Dear Departed / An Act of Chivalry

Pickman's Model

Pickman’s Model – A woman (Louise Sorel) of Victorian Boston develops a relationship with an artist (Bradford Dillman) obsessed with ghouls. Based on a short story by H. P. Lovecraft. A very good, scary, episode. The Dear Departed – A fake medium (Steve Lawrence) has an affair with his assistant’s unfaithful wife (Maureen Arthur). An Act of Chivalry – A living skeleton gets a lesson in elevator manners.

18. Cool Air / Camera Obscura / Quoth the Raven

Ross Martin shows his rare artifacts to moneylender Rene Auberjonois in Camera Obscura

Cool Air – A young woman (Barbara Rush) falls for her father’s late colleague (Henry Darrow)—a man who must keep cool. Based on the H. P. Lovecraft short story. Camera Obscura – A moneylender (Rene Auberjonois) gets his due thanks to a client’s (Ross Martin) unusual telescope. An eerie story, with a strange revenge. Edgar Allan Poe (Marty Allen) finds inspiration for his poem The Raven.

19. The Messiah on Mott Street / The Painted Mirror

Mr. Bruckner and the doctor with a "hole in his memory" in The Messiah on Mott Street

The Messiah on Mott Street – A near-penniless Jew (Edward G. Robinson), determined to stay alive for his grandson, hopes the Messiah will give him salvation. An absolutely excellent episode – wonderful acting by all involved, highly recommended. The Painted Mirror – An elderly antique dealer (Arthur O’Connell) uses a magic mirror portal reflecting an prehistoric world landscape to get rid of his hateful business partner (Zsa Zsa Gabor). Literally, a story of disproportionate revenge. The animated dinosaurs are nice, however.

20. The Different Ones / Tell David… / Logoda’s Heads

The Different Ones – A grotesque-looking teenager lives at the turn of the next century. Tell David… – A woman (Sandra Dee) encounters a friendly yet odd couple. A touching, yet sad, story about a look into the future, but the inability to change one’s self. Logoda’s Heads – A major (Patrick Macnee) deals with African black magic. A very interesting take on the story of black magic .

21. Green Fingers / The Funeral / The Tune in Dan’s Café

Elsa Lanchest has Green Fingers in Night Gallery season 2 … and Cameron Mitchell comes to regret it!

Green Fingers – A tycoon (Cameron Mitchell) takes drastic steps to force a widow (Elsa Lanchester) off her land, only to discover her strange gardening talent. It gives “having a green thumb” a very different meaning … The Funeral – A vampire (Werner Klemperer) wants to have the funeral that he was deprived of — at Joe Flynn’s funeral parlor. A very funny segment. The Tune in Dan’s Café – A song linked to a tragic romance gives a bickering couple (Pernell Roberts, Susan Oliver) a second chance.

22. Lindemann’s Catch / The Late Mr. Peddington / A Feast of Blood

Lindemann's Catch - The Night Gallery season 2

Lindemann’s Catch – A strange metamorphosis occurs when a sea captain (Stuart Whitman) captures a mermaid. When a wish goes tragically wrong … The Late Mr. Peddington – A widow (Kim Hunter) goes shopping for the cheapest funeral she can find for her husband. Harry Morgan as the funeral director, with a young Randy Quaid as his assistant. A Feast of Blood – A suitor (Norman Lloyd) gives a woman (Sondra Locke) a brooch that looks almost alive.

23. The Miracle at Camafeo / The Ghost of Sorworth Place

The Miracle at Camafeo – An insurance agent (Harry Guardino) seeks to expose a swindler (Ray Danton) who plans to stage a cure for his fake paralysis at a Mexican shrine. Everyone’s expecting the swindler to have this backfire on him … and they’re right, but not in the way expected. The Ghost of Sorworth Place – An American tourist (Richard Kiley) protects a Scottish widow (Jill Ireland) from the ghost of her husband. A very different ghost story.

24. The Waiting Room / Last Rites for a Dead Druid

The Waiting Room – A gunman (Steve Forrest) faces his day of reckoning.. A very well done, atmospheric episode. With Buddy Ebsen. Last Rites for a Dead Druid – A woman (Carol Lynley) is tempted to buy a statue that resembles her husband (Bill Bixby) …and is modeled after a satanic sorcerer.

25. Deliveries in the Rear / Stop Killing Me / Dead Weight

Deliveries in the Rear - Cornell Wilde in Night Gallery season 2

Deliveries in the Rear – A surgery instructor (Cornel Wilde) uses cadavers from a most unexpected source. Stop Killing Me – A wife (Geraldine Page) believes her husband is attempting to worry her to death, and seeks the help of a police sergeant (James Gregory). Dead Weight – An exporter (Jack Albertson) who helps gangsters on the lam has a client (Bobby Darin) like no other.

26. I’ll Never Leave You – Ever / There Aren’t Any More MacBanes

I’ll Never Leave You – Ever – A wife (Lois Nettleton) uses witchcraft to murder her husband (Royal Dano), whose spirit goes on and on. There Aren’t Any More MacBanes – A student (Joel Grey) of sorcery summons an ancient spirit to get rid of his bothersome uncle (Howard Duff).

27. The Sins of the Fathers / You Can’t Get Help Like That Anymore

The Sins of the Fathers – Mrs. Evans‘ (Geraldine Page) son Ian (Richard Thomas) must cleanse himself of his father’s sins by feasting in front of the father’s corpse. You Can’t Get Help Like That Anymore – What happens when humanoid, mechanical servants won’t put up with physical abuse from Cloris Leachman anymore? A very interesting, chilling episode.

28. The Caterpillar / Little Girl Lost / Satisfaction Guaranteed

The Caterpillar - The Night Gallery season 2

The Caterpillar – A British expatriate (Laurence Harvey) in Borneo plots a gruesome assassination of a romantic rival (Tom Helmore). A riveting, frightening, horror story of a torture that’s unwittingly self-inflicted. Little Girl Lost – A scientific genius is troubled by the death of his daughter. Satisfaction Guaranteed – a not very funny comedy short dealing with a well-dressed, corpulent gentleman (Victor Buono) presents himself at a secretarial agency that hasn’t failed to satisfy a client in twenty-five years.

Syndication-only segments of The Night Gallery

Die Now, Pay Later

An undertaker (Will Geer) slashes funeral prices at a January clearance sale.

Room for One Less

A creature teaches an elevator operator some manners.

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