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Forbidden Planet (1956) starring Leslie Nielsen, Walter Pidgeon, Anne Francis

Forbidden Planet

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Forbidden Planet (1956) starring Leslie Nielsen, Walter Pidgeon, Anne Francis

buy Forbidden Planet from What can be said about Forbidden Planet that hasn’t been said already? It was a beloved part of my childhood.  And it has become part of my children’s childhood as well.  What makes is such an enduring story?

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The Reluctant Astronaut, starring Don Knotts and Leslie Nielsen

The Reluctant Astronaut

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The Reluctant Astronaut (1967) starring Don Knotts, Leslie Nielsen

 Don Knotts takes his ‘nervous fraidy-cat’ character to outer space (or at least to orbit) in this funny, family-friendly comedy.  The Reluctant Astronaut begins with Roy Fleming (Don Knotts in the title role) appearing to be in a space capsule orbiting the Earth. Until the camera zooms out, and reveals that instead he’s operating a kiddie ride at an amusement park.  Once the ride is over, he leaves the ride (with the help of the actor who played one of the ‘old men’ on the Andy Griffith Show). In order to demonstrate to the audience that Don Knotts’ character has a severe fear of heights.  On his break, he asks one of his fellow employees at the amusement park for a date. And after much begging, she reluctantly agrees.  His normal day at work is interrupted by an urgent call from his mother, causing him to dash home.

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Dracula Dead and Loving It (1995) starring Leslie Nielsen, Steven Weber, Peter MacNicol, Lysette Anthony, Mel Brooks

Dracula Dead and Loving It

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Dracula Dead and Loving It (1995) starring  Leslie Nielsen, Steven Weber, Peter MacNicol, Lysette Anthony, Mel Brooks

I’ve been doing reviews of various movies with  Harvey Korman, since his recent death.   This led me to watch  Dracula: Dead and Loving It starring Leslie Nielsen, Steven Weber, Peter MacNicol and Lysette Anthony.   Most of the reviews that I’d read led me to believe that it was a very unfunny movie, with only one or two laughs during the entire movie.   In my opinion, they were totally wrong–I would describe this as Mel Brooks’ most underrated movie.

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How to Commit Marriage (1969) starring Bob Hope, Jackie Gleason, Jane Wyman

How to Commit Marriage

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Synopsis of How to Commit Marriage (1969) starring Bob Hope, Jackie Gleason, Jane Wyman

Frank Benson (Bob Hope) and Oliver Poe (Jackie Gleason) try to soothe over their differences with a golf game in "How to Commit Marriage"

In How to Commit Marriage, seemingly happily married couple Frank and Elaine Benson (played by Bob Hope and Jane Wyman) are on the verge of divorce.  But they plan to wait until after their daughter’€™s marriage. The groom’€™s father, Oliver Poe (Jackie Gleason) opposes marriage in general. And he dislikes Bob Hope’s character in particular.

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An American Carol, by David Zucker

An American Carol

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An American Carol (2008) starring Kevin Farley, Kelsey Grammer

An American Carol, by David Zucker

— €œWARNING! This movie may be offensive to children, young people, old people, in-the-middle people, some people on the right, all people on the left, terrorists, pacifists, war-mongers, fish mongers, Christians, Jews, Muslims, atheists, agnostics (though you’d have to prove it to them), the ACLU, liberals, conservatives, neo-cons, ex-cons, future cons, Republicans, Democrats, Libertarian, people of color, people of no color, English speakers, English-as-a-second language speakers, non-speakers, men, women, more women, & Ivy League professors. Native Americans should be okay. — €

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