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Scared Stiff [Dean Martin, Jerry Lewis]

Scared Stiff (1953) starring Dean Martin, Jerry Lewis, Lizbeth Scott, Carmen Miranda
Scared Stiff (1953) starring Dean Martin, Jerry Lewis, Lizbeth Scott, Carmen Miranda  Scared Stiff is a remake of the Bob Hope and Paulette Goddard comedy, The Ghost Breakers, with Dean Martin as Larry Todd, a singer who is falsely accused of murder (“You murdered a perfect stranger?” “Nobody’s perfect.”)....
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Money from Home

Synopsis of Money from Home (1953) starring Dean Martin, Jerry Lewis, Marjie Millar, Pat Crowley Synopsis of Money from Home In Money from Home, Gambler Honey Talk Nelson needs money to pay off his losses – quickly. He enlists the aid of his cousin Virgil, a veterinary assistant, to fix...
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Sailor Beware [Jerry Lewis, Dean Martin]

Sailor Beware (1952) starring Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis The description from Amazon.com reads: “Chasing pretty girls, blowing up a liferaft inside a submarine, virtually every sailor gag ever thought of, and a bunch of songs fill out this Martin and Lewis outing as a pair of sailors.” That...
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Cracking Up

Cracking Up (1983) starring Jerry Lewis Editorial review of Cracking Up courtesy of Amazon.com   Cracking Up is a crazy quilt of sight gags, one-liners, caricatures, slapstick and quirky vocal mannerisms. In short, it’s marvelous mayhem of the kind which has gained Jerry Lewis admirers the world over. Lewis plays...
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The Gay Continental song lyrics

The Gay Continental lyrics – as sung by Jerry Lewis in The Caddy (Editor’s note: at the time, the word “gay” meant happy or care-free) Where am I from? Gentlemen, from Miami to London, from London to Boston, I’m known as the Gay Continental. Continent-continent-continental, and I got this...
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The Caddy

The Caddy (1953) starring Dean Martin, Jerry Lewis, Barbara Bates, Donna Reed The Caddy is an above-average Lewis and Martin comedy. It features singing by Dean Martin (including the Academy Award-nominated “That’s Amore” ). Also slapstick antics, and pathos, from Jerry Lewis.
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That’s My Boy

That’s My Boy (1951) starring Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis In That’s My Boy, Jerry Lewis plays the part of “Junior” Jackson, a non-athlete who lives in the shadow of his father’s college football days — and his father plans to relive his glory days through his son,...
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Cinderfella (1960) starring Jerry Lewis, Ed Wynn Synopsis of Cinderfella In Cinderfella, Jerry Lewis plays Fella. He’s a good-natured klutz left to take care of his stepmother and her two spoiled sons in a fabulous mansion. Fantasy provides Fella with a way of coping with his life …. Until the...
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Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis Collection volume 1

Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis Collection – Vol. 1 (The Caddy / Jumping Jacks / The Stooge/My Friend Irma / My Friend Irma Goes West / Sailor Beware / Scared Stiff / That’s My Boy) Product Descriptionof Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis Collection volume 1 This 4 disc...
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