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Village of the Damned

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Village of the Damned (1960) starring George Sanders, Barbara Shelley, Michael Gwynn

Synopsis of Village of the Damned

Village of the DamnedAt a quiet little village in England, something odd has happened — everyone in the village has fallen asleep. Everyone who enters, or flies over, also falls asleep. And afterward, every woman in the village of child-bearing age finds herself pregnant. All of the children born are blond, with strange eyes, who mature extremely rapidly. And they seem … unworldly.

Review of Village of the Damned

The Village of the Damned is a great many things – science fiction, cold war paranoia, a story of longing for family. But at its heart, it’s about people – like all great stories. And every time I watch it, my heart breaks for George Sanders.

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The Picture of Dorian Gray

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The Picture of Dorian Gray (1945) starring  George Sanders,  Hurd Hatfield, Angela Lansbury, Donna Reed, Peter Lawford

The Picture of Dorian Gray is one of the great movies. It’s about a young man who, after an off-hand wish, finds himself unaging, with age — and corruption — affecting his portrait. But he himself is apparently untouched. He is guided down the path of corruption and self-indulgence. He leads, directly or indirectly, to multiple deaths and suicides. Can he find salvation?

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Walt Disney’s The Jungle Book

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Walt Disney’s classic animated movie, — ‘The Jungle Book‘, based on the stories by Rudyard Kipling, featuring the adventures of Mowgli, an orphan boy raised by wolves, who has to be taken to the human village to protect the wolf pack from the wrath of Shere Khan, the tiger – a wonderful classic, featuring the voice talents of Phil Harris and Sebastian Cabot, among others.

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