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Home Cookin’ song lyrics


Home Cookin’ lyrics – written by Jay Livingston and Ray Evans, sung by Bob Hope, Lucille Ball (dubbed by Annette Warren), performed in Fancy Pants

[Bob Hope]
Oh, woe is me, what goes with me,
I hate this living I’ve chose for me,
Tired of meeting misery,
You should’ve never roamed and left that
Home cooking, home cooking.
Life is cruel, I was a fool to roam.

A rolling stone don’t get no moss
Don’t getting nothing but double cross
See the world, that’s applesauce
Never get your nose too far from,
Home cooking, Home cooking
I’m afraid I’ve should’ve stayed at home.

I’ve met a gal her name is Sal
Of all I keep her in my corral
But she says she’s just a pal
And she’s never home when you want
Of home cooking too long
Been too long
Love is cruel I was a fool
To roam

Far from wigwan
Me heap big brave, I miss my squaw
I even miss my squaws in law.
Hunt with Minihaha’s pa
Feed papoose half a moose! How?

Home cooking give me the
Home cooking Sit on rug
And ugh ugh ugh with tribe
Wahoo wahoo

Give me Hong Kong hat now where I
Chop a lot boy
Shanghai food chow
Very pretty girls for
Home cooking, home cooking
Reckon Chinee fellow like home chow.

[Lucille Ball]
I went abroad and now I hawd
Them English critters ain’t never thawed
Where the Duke says “Yes, m’lord
Partner you can hear me callin’ for
Home cooking kind of a,
Home cooking

Some fancy pants
Might stand a chance with me.

Oh when peace pipe smokes rings
Eventually toot we’re better to spare
A real fine wing ding.
In the rocking chair that’s
Home cooking Sniff a den, Home cooking
The quiet life that’s quite the life for me.

Yes give me that home cooking,
Scoop it up Home cooking
That’s the life for me.


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