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Gilligan’s Island poster gallery

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Color poster of the cast of Gilligan's Island
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Color photo of the entire original cast of Gilligan’s Island
Color poster of the cast of Gilligan’s Island – I love the glum expressions
Alan Hale Jr. as the Skipper in a color publicity photo – I love his happy expression
The Skipper, Mary Ann, and Gilligan. Judging by the Skipper’s hair, I’m assuming this is from one of the reunion shows
Tina Louise in a black and white glamour pose as Ginger Grant
Tina Louise as Ginger Grant
Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow – Gilligan’s hair’s gone white
Skipper, Ginger, and Gilligan in a color publicity
The Skipper and Gilligan in a black and white publicity photo – presumable from Gilligan’s Island season 1 since it was the only season not in color
Bob Denver as Gilligan sitting in water

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