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Rescue From Gilligan’s Island

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Rescue from Gilligan’s Island (1978) starring Bob Denver, Alan Hale Jr., Jim Backus, Dawn Wells, Natalie Schafer

In 1978, the Rescue from Gilligan’s Island reunion show was filmed, and is now available on DVD.  The basic plot is that a Soviet satellite (yes, this is the tail end of the Cold War) crashes on the island, the Professor uses a piece to build a barometer, which he uses to discover that the island is going to be devastated by a tsunami!

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Gilligan’s Island season 3 (DVD)

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Gilligan’s Island season 3

Gilligan’s Island season 3. Their three-hour tour is now a three-season television classic as the Skipper, Gilligan (Bob Denver), the Howells, Ginger, Mary Anne and the Professor settle into life on the island. The seven castaways struggle to survive the great outdoors …. And the mindless meddling of hapless Gilligan, who always seems to ruin their chances of getting back to civilization!

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Gilligan’s Island season 2

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Gilligan’s Island: The Complete Second Season (DVD)


Gilligan’s Island season 2 is the second season of the classic television series, “Gilligan’s Island.” Like the other two seasons, it contains some of the funniest television ever filmed. Some of the gems include the comedy team of the Skipper and his “little buddy” Gilligan. Portrayed by Alan Hale Jr. and Bob Denver. One of the great TV comedy teams, in my opinion.

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Gilligan’s Island season 1

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Gilligan’s Island season 1 (DVD)

Gilligan’s Island season 1 – Most critics lambasted Gilligan’s Island as low-brow humor.  Most people, however, merely watched it and laughed until their sides ached.  I loved it then and now, and recommend it highly.  This DVD setcontains the first season’s 36 episodes, containing some of the funniest scenes ever to grace the television screen.  The slapstick interaction between the Skipper(played brilliantly by Alan Hale Jr.) and Gilligan (by the late, lamented Bob Denver) rank with the great comedy teams – a modern day Laurel and Hardy.  The Skipper and Gilligan are clowns in the classic sense, and hilarious because of it.  The rest of the cast fit that description as well. And the interactions between any of them are well worth watching.  If I had to pick a favorite episode, I couldn’t; they’re all that good, with so many classic scenes, it’s hard to choose.

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