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Creature, aka. Titan Find

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Creature, aka. Titan Find (1985) starring Stan Ivar, Klaus Kinski, Wendy Schaal, Lyman Ward, Robert Jaffe
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Creature, aka. Titan Find (1985) starring Stan Ivar, Klaus Kinski, Wendy Schaal, Lyman Ward, Robert Jaffe

Synopsis of Creature

When a mysterious canister is uncovered on Saturn’s largest moon, Titan, a dormant, eons-old monster is released, making lunch of both the explorers who discovered it and the rival corporation’s exploration team, which investigates their disappearance.

Review of Creature

Up front, it needs to be said that Creature (known as Titan Find in the UK), is clearly a rip-off of the successful Alien movie.  Unlike some bad rip-offs (such as Deep Space), it’s an enjoyable rip-off. It actually has decent acting, with some interesting twists on the story.  For example, the creature doesn’t use its’ victims as a breeding ground. Instead, it kills them and places a parasite in their brain to control them. Space zombies!

Although lower budget, the sets and special effects are actually quite good. Until the very end of the movie, where the audience finally sees the creature for the first time, and it’s obviously a man in a rubber suit.  Thankfully, it only shows up in the final 10 minutes.

Negatives would include the ‘R’ rating for the movie, some nudity, etc.

Cast of characters in Creature

  • Captain Mike Davison (Stan IvarRock-A-Doodle).  The captain of the American expedition
  • Susan Delambre (Marie Laurin, The Lonely Guy).  The first victim of the American expedition to be killed by the creature.
  • Jon Fennel (Robert JaffeHoney I Blew Up the Kid). The second victim, killed by the zombified Delambre.
  • Dr. Wendy H. Oliver (Annette McCarthyCrazy Times).
  • David Perkins (Lyman WardIndependence DayFerris Bueller’sDay Off)
  • Beth Sladen (Wendy SchaalInner SpaceAmerican Dad!)
  • Melanie Bryce (Diane SalingerBatman ReturnsPee-wee’s Big Adventure).  Tight-lipped security officer.
  • Hans Rudy Hofner (Klaus KinskiFor a Few Dollars MoreNosferatu the Vampyre). The last survivor of the German expedition.

Editorial review of Creature courtesy of

As two powerful corporations vie for the mining rights to Titan, a group of U.S. scientists crash lands on the cold, desolate moon of Saturn and discovers a German team of researchers has arrived before them. The crew seeks help from their German counterparts, but instead finds the ship littered with horribly mutilated bodies. As the members of the expedition make their way back to the disabled spacecraft, one of their team mysteriously vanishes. Coincidentally, the lone survivor of the massacre (Klaus Kinski) suddenly appears with unbelievable claims of a nightmarish creature unwittingly unleashed on Titan, and that one by one, they will all soon become the victim of the brain-devouring alien!

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