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Time Walker

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Time Walker (1982) starring Ben Murphy, Nina Axelrod

Time Walker – a very different mummy movie, where an unscrupulous technician steals the gems buried with the mummy. Who wants them back! Then…

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The Angry Red Planet

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The Angry Red Planet (1969) starring Gerald Mohr, Nora Hayden

The Angry Red Planet deals with the fictional first manned exploration of Mars. Our intrepid explorers find all sorts of “interesting” wildlife, and barely escape.

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Voyage to the Planet of Prehistoric Women

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Voyage to the Planet of Prehistoric Women – despite it’s title, really isn’t that bad of a cheesy monster movie. It deals with a rescue mission to Venus, to rescue the first expedition there. Unlike the uninhabitable planet that they should expect, the astronauts discovers that it’s inhabited by prehistoric creatures. These include man-eating plants, and rubbery dinosaurs. What they don’t know, but the audience does, is that a race of beautiful, telepathic women live there, too. And they’re angry …

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The Man From Planet X

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The Man from Planet X (1951) starring Robert Clarke, Margaret Field, Raymond Bond, William Schallert

Synopsis of The Man from Planet X

The Man from Planet X. To study a rogue planet heading for a near-miss with Earth, Prof. Elliot sets up an observatory on the foggy moors of a remote Scottish island. His companions are his pretty daughter Enid, and Dr. Mears, a former student with a shady past. Soon after the arrival of reporter John Lawrence, a ship from Planet X lands near the observatory. Is the visitor (who actually looks alien) benevolent? What are Mears’ real motives for trying to communicate with it?

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Visit to a Small Planet

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Visit to a Small Planet (1960) starring Jerry Lewis, Earl Holliman, Joan Blackwell, Fred Clark

In Visit to a Small Planet, space alien Jerry Lewis is curious about humanity. He parks his spaceship in the backyard of a skeptic. They both get a glimpse of a world they’ll never forget! Based on the play by Gore Vidal.

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The Strange World of Planet X

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The Strange World of Planet X (1958) aka. Cosmic Monsters, starring Forrest Tucker, Gaby Andre, Martin Benson

In The Strange World of Planet X (aka. Cosmic Monsters), a small team of scientists are working on a magnetic weapon for the government. But, unwittingly, they’ve released a terror on the planet …

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Creature, aka. Titan Find

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Creature, aka. Titan Find (1985) starring Stan Ivar, Klaus Kinski, Wendy Schaal, Lyman Ward, Robert Jaffe

Synopsis of Creature

When a mysterious canister is uncovered on Saturn’s largest moon, Titan, a dormant, eons-old monster is released, making lunch of both the explorers who discovered it and the rival corporation’s exploration team, which investigates their disappearance.Read More »Creature, aka. Titan Find

Deep Space

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Deep Space (1988) starring Charles Napier, Ann Turkel, Ron Glass, Julie Newmar

The question is not, is Deep Space a cheesy rip-off of Aliens? — because, of course, it is. The question is, how did these actors get into a movie this bad?

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