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4D Man (1959) starring Robert Lansing, Lee Meriwether, James Congdon
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4D Man (1959) starring Robert Lansing, Lee Meriwether, James Congdon

In 4D Man, a world renowned physicist discovers a way to alter matter. This allows him to pass his body through solid substances. Unfortunately, the power also causes brain damage.


The 4D Man is a very good, enjoyable sci-fi movie. It’s centered around two brothers – both researchers, but very different. Scott proceeds slowly and methodically with his research — he’s very driven. Tony is more reckless, and prone to chasing fantastic ideas. But his latest idea actually bears fruit. By using time — the fourth dimension, hence “4D” in the title — he thinks he can have a solid object penetrate another. His idea is to use “brain waves” to accomplish this. And he succeeded once, though accidentally.

Tony shows up at Scott’s lab, having lost his latest job. After accidentally setting the place on fire! Linda, Scott’s right-hand person, recommends that Scott hire him. But, there’s a problem. Scott’s planning on proposing to Linda, and Tony’s falling in love with her. It would be a romantic triangle, except that Linda doesn’t love Scott. She likes and respects him, but that’s all.

Scott’s also been suffering nasty headaches. He fears radiation poisoning from the lab, but his doctor tells him there’s no sign of it. But there’s something unusual about his brain. And, in fact, that later enables him to successfully complete the experiment, without Tony’s amplifier! But he soon learns that each time puts a huge strain on his body, aging him prematurely. And he accidentally discovers that he can drain energy from others to restore himself — killing them. And it’s apparently affecting his mind as well …

Cast of characters

At the heart of 4D Man is the relationship, and conflict, between the two brothers
  • Robert Lansing (Star Trek: The Original Series; Empire of the Ants) … Dr. Scott Nelson. A dedicated research scientist. He’s working on creating a new metal, harder than steel and radiation-proof as well. He’s in charge of the research, and in love with Linda. He’s unaware she doesn’t return the feeling. Then one day his brother Tony comes to visit. And, he’s been suffering from debilitating headaches as well.
  • Lee Meriwether (Batman – The Movie) … Linda Davis. Scott’s right-hand woman, and almost-fiancee. Until Tony comes to the land, and seemingly is trying to steal her away. She likes, but is not in love with Scott. She definitely has feelings for Tony, however.
  • James CongdonDr. Tony Nelson. Scott’s brother. He’s also a researcher, but with a poor track record. He’s been fired from every job he’s ever held. But he’s working on something revolutionary: a way to have two solids penetrate each other. He actually got it to work once, by accident, and he’s been struggling to recreate it ever since.
  • Robert Strauss (The Atomic Kid; Money from Home) … Roy Parker. The disgruntled researcher who thinks that he should be in charge of the lab, not Scott. And “sells” Tony’s research to Carson. And sells everyone out to the newspapers for publicity. And …
  • Edgar StehliDr. Theodore W. Carson. Who wants to take all of the credit for the research lab’s work. And humbly names the new metal “carsonite”.
  • Patty Duke (The Daydreamer; The Patty Duke Show) … Marjorie Sutherland. The little girl, that Linda’s babysitter. Who doesn’t want to go to bed!
  • Guy Raymond (The Reluctant Astronaut) … Fred the Guard
  • Chic James … B-Girl
  • Elbert Smith (The Blob) … Capt. Rogers
  • George Karas (The Blob) … Sgt. Todaman
  • Jasper Deeter … Mr. Welles

Product Description 

Brand new 4K restoration from the original camera negative! He walks through walls of solid steel and stone into the 4th dimension! From legendary producer Jack H. Harris and director Irvin S. Seaworth Jr. , the team behind cult favorites The Blob and Dinosaurs! , comes this sci-fi horror classic starring Robert Lansing (The Grissom Gang), Lee Meriwether (Cat woman/Miss KitKat of Batman: The Movie), Robert Strauss (Stalag 17), James Congdon (The Left Handed Gun) and Patty Duke (The Miracle Worker).

Science whiz Dr. Tony Nelson (Congdon) has made an amazing discovery: he has developed a method of stimulating the molecular structure of solid objects so that they can be joined or passed through one another. Stumbling upon this incredible secret is Tony’s older brother, Scott (Lansing), a fellow scientist who decides to take the experiment one step further—and soon finds himself able to pass through doors and walls. But his newfound freedom of movement has unforeseen side effects, for each time the power is used, Scott ages a bit, and only by touching other living beings and draining their energy (and thus, their lives) can he maintain his age. In addition, this incredible force is driving Scott quite mad. . . and he’s just noticed his beautiful would-be fiancée (Meriwether) expressing an interest in his brother Tony.

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