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The Old Dark House 1963

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The Old Dark House 1963 starring Tom Poston, Robert Morley
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The Old Dark House 1963 is a very funny dark comedy by William Castle, where poor Tom Poston finds himself in the bizarre Femm house…. Where seemingly everyone is crazy. And one of them is homicidal!

The Old Dark House 1963 starring Tom Poston, Robert Morley

Tom Poston is an absolute master of deadpan comedy, and he puts it to good use in The Old Dark House 1963. Despite the name, it has very little resemblance to the classic horror film The Old Dark House. It’s a dark comedy, where an American car salesman (Tom Poston) goes to deliver a new car to his “flat mate” Caspar. They share a flat — but it’s an odd arrangement. Caspar only uses it during the day, and Tom sleeps there in the evening. Every evening, Caspar must spend the night at his family home – Femm Manor.

Once he arrives at Femm Manor, the car’s damaged by a falling statue! He can’t leave because of the weather! Caspar’s been murdered! And one by one, the remaining Femms are being killed …. And they’re all insane, or at least eccentric, in hilarious ways! It’s a dark comedy, but a funny comedy!

Product Description

From the master of the macabre, William Castle, comes a tale filled with suspense and comedy. Tom Penderel (Tom Poston, TV’s “Newhart“), an American car salesman living in London, is invited to spend the weekend at the Femm Estate. The Femms, trapped in the house due to an ancestor’s will, live in fear as they are taken out one at a time. Tom is left to figure out who the killer is before he becomes a victim himself! Also featuring Academy Award nominee Robert Morley (1938, Best Supporting Actor, Marie Antoinette), The Old Dark House has as many laughs as thrills. Newly remastered.

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