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Sailor Beware [Jerry Lewis, Dean Martin]

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Sailor Beware (1952) starring Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis

Sailor Beware (1952) starring Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis

The description from reads: “Chasing pretty girls, blowing up a liferaft inside a submarine, virtually every sailor gag ever thought of, and a bunch of songs fill out this Martin and Lewis outing as a pair of sailors.”

That pretty much summarizes it pretty well.  Effectively a series of skits or sketches around the theme of being in the Navy.  It gives ample room for slapstick for Jerry Lewis, singing for Dean Martin, and comedic interaction between the two of them.

Sailor Beware is available as part of the Martin and Lewis Collection, Volume 1

Editorial Review of Sailor Beware starring Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis

Because of a misunderstanding Melvin Jones (Jerry Lewis) is inducted into the Navy despite numerous allergies. When appearing on a TV show sponsored by a lipstick manufacturer, fluke circumstances cause him to be perceived as an irresistibly great kisser, and he is undeservedly hyped in the media as ‘Mr. Temptation.’ His shipmates bet their pay that he can get Corinne Calvet, a sexy French chanteuse, to kiss him. Despite his allergy toward kissing girls, he tries not to let them down even though it threatens his relationship with girlfriend Hilda. …Sailor Beware

 Trivia for Sailors Beware

  • When Corinne Calvet shows disdain for the advances of the sailors in the nightclub, the manager mentions that she was enamored with the club’s former crooner who sang “Moonlight Becomes You,”. He suggests that Dean Martin‘s character’s singing style might be a successful substitute. “Moonlight Becomes You” was a Bing Crosby standard … Dean Martin consciously tried to imitate Crosby early in his career.
  • James Dean has an uncredited part as the boxing opponent’s second
  • The boxing scene was “written” by Jerry Lewis. He demanded an extra $50,000 for it …. Which he then donated to the Muscular Dystrophy Association

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