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She-Wolf of London (1946) starring June Lockhart, Don Porter, Sara Haden, Jan Wiley, Lloyd Corrigan, directed by Jean Yarbrough

She-Wolf of London

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She-Wolf of London (1946) starring June Lockhart, Don Porter, Sara Haden, Jan Wiley, Lloyd Corrigan, directed by Jean Yarbrough

Is Phyllis Allenby (Joan Lockhart) under a curse? Could she be turning into a werewolf in “She-Wolf of London“? What else could cause the grisly murders?

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Mystery of the Wax Museum

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Synopsis of Mystery of the Wax Museum

In Mystery of the Wax Museum,  bodies are mysteriously disappearing all over the town, and a new wax museum has just opened. Is there a connection? But of course! In this horror classic, Fay Wray (King Kong) stars as the intended victim of a mad wax sculptor obsessed by her resemblance to one of his prior creations.

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The Neanderthal Man

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In The Neanderthal Man, a mad scientist transforms himself into a prehistoric caveman, his cat into a saber-toothed tiger, and his housekeeper into an ape person. He alienates his daughter and girlfriend in the process.  And unwittingly kills several of his friends.

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The Old Dark House

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The Old Dark House (1932), starring Boris Karloff, Charles Laughton, Gloria Stuart

In The Old Dark House, a group of stranded travelers stumble upon a strange old house. There, they find themselves at the mercy of the highly eccentric, potentially dangerous, Femm family.

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King Of The Zombies

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King Of The Zombies (1941) starring John Archer, Dick Purcell, Mantan Moreland

King of the Zombies – three Americans crash their airplane on a strange island. There, a mysterious doctor is clearly up to something. Zombies? Nazis?

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Mad Love

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Mad Love (1935), starring Peter Lorre, Frances Drake, Colin Clive

Mad Love What will obsessed surgeon Dr. Gogol do to be with lovely Yvonne Orlac … When her pianist husband’s hands are crushed? How far will he go…

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Night of Terror

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Night of Terror (1933) starring Wallace Ford, Bela Lugosi

In Night of Terror, a maniac murders a wealthy man. His heirs have to spend the night at his spooky mansion, if they hope to inherit. But someone murders them one by one …

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Terror in the Wax Museum

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Terror in the Wax Museum (1976) starring Ray Milland, Elsa Lanchester, Maurice Evans, John Carradine

Terror in the Wax Museum is an interesting murder mystery. It’s set in Victorian London, 10 years after Jack the Ripper’s murder spree …

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