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The Monster Club (1981) starring Vincent Price, John Carradine
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It should be said that The Monster Club is a different horror anthology. Vampire Vincent Price invites writer John Carradine to an unusual club, where he tells three stories …

The Monster Club (1981) starring Vincent Price, John Carradine

The Shadmock

The Shadmock ranks low on the monster hierarchy — they only whistle. But when they whistle …

The first story deals with a young woman, pushed by her controlling boyfriend, to work for a young man. The man, vaguely repulsive, is a shadmock. Her job is to help catalog his vast collection of items in his mansion. She’s sad, lonely, and pitiful. A nice enough man, but she can’t get past his appearance. He falls in love with her, and eventually proposes marriage. Pushed by her boyfriend, she accepts. But it’s a ruse, to enable her to steal some of his valuables. When he catches her robbing his safe, he still professes his love for her. But she’s repulsed by him, and tells him so. And in his anger, he whistles …


Clearly, a different kind of vampire story. A loving father works every evening, and his poor son is picked on at school. His mother tries to console him, with the knowledge that they’re actually nobility from Europe. Then, a trio of people befriend the young boy. The trio are secretly … vampire hunters. Believe it or not, the story takes a humorous bend.


The last story is sadly somewhat predictable. A movie star wants to find something more authentic for the horror movie they’re shooting. And stumbles upon a village of human-ghoul hybrids – the Humgoo. He tries to rescue a young woman, but …

Product Description 

Screen legends Vincent Price, John Carradine and Donald Pleasence are just three of the stars of this darkly humorous cult horror gem. Earning Hammer Films veteran Roy Ward Baker the Audience Award at Rome’s Fantafestival in 1981 and featuring music by The Pretty Things, UB40 and B.A. Robertson, The Monster Club is featured here in a High Definition transfer made from original film elements in its as-exhibited theatrical aspect ratio.

Pausing to admire a window display of his own books, distinguished horror writer Ronald Chetwynd-Hayes is attacked by a desperate vampire, Eramus, faint from lack of sustenance. Assuring the startled victim that the neck bite was not deep, the grateful vampire takes him to the Monster Club wherein Eramus explains to Ronald the hierarchy and basic rules of Monsterdom, and illustrates his theme with three tales of toecurling terror…

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Shadmock Story

Vampire Story

Humgoo Story

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