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Peter Pevensie, High King over Narnia

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Chronicles of Narnia poster, highlighting High King Peter Pevensie
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Peter Pevensie – oldest of the four children in The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe

First, Peter Pevensie is the oldest of the four Pevensie children. They come to live at Professor Kirke’s rural estate during the London bombings of World War II. Peter feels responsible for his siblings in his parents’ absence, especially for his youngest sister Lucy.

He fears that Lucy is retreating from war-torn reality into a fantasy land called Narnia, that she claims she wandered into one day through a magic wardrobe of Professor Kirke’s. Peter tries to protect her from Edmund’s cruel teasing, and with Susan finally seeks Professor Kirke’s advice about Lucy. The professor’s advice surprises both of them, and in part prepares them for their own journey through the wardrobe.

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