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Superman 1940s cartoons

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Superman vs the Mechanical Monsters
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Superman 1940s cartoons – the beautifully done Superman animated shorts from the 1940s, begun by Fleischer studios. Absolutely beautiful, with great stories and voice acting as well.

Product Description 

Take flight with the original 1941–1943 animated Superman cartoons! With the initial nine shorts produced by Max Fleischer (and directed by his brother Dave) and the remainder produced by Famous Studios, these 17 animated theatrical shorts were the first to launch Superman from comic books to the screen. The pioneering animated adventures feature the Man of Steel battling mad scientists and giant robots, thwarting the Nazis and saving headstrong reporter Lois Lane. Newly mastered in high definition, these icons of animation look and sound better than ever.

Fleischer Studios

TitleOriginal release date
Superman: The Mad Scientist (1941) – the very first of the Superman cartoons from Fleischer Studios. It begins with the origin of Superman, before tacking the story of a mad scientist, threatening Metropolis.
Beautiful artwork and animation, cinematography, and an interesting story – all in 10 minutes. Enjoy!
September 26, 1941
2.The Mechanical Monsters
The second in the Superman series from Fleischer Studios
The story features Superman battling a mad scientist with a small army of robots at his command.
November 28, 1941
3.Billion Dollar Limited
Gorgeously done by Fleischer Studios, a group of masked terrorists are DETERMINED to destroy a gold shipment! And Lois Lane is the reporter on board. Soon enough, “This is a job for … Superman”
January 9, 1942
4.The Arctic Giant
A scientific expedition bring back a frozen Tyrannosaurus rex from Siberia. Of course, it thaws and goes on a rampage. This is a job for Superman!
February 27, 1942
5.The Bulleteers
a high-tech gang of criminals have a flying rocket car, that they’re using to destroy and steal. Lois Lane is after a scoop, and Superman’s after the villains!

March 27, 1942
6.The Magnetic Telescope
The Magnetic Telescope – Fleischer Studios’ Superman cartoon – April 24, 1942. An obsessed scientist is determined to use his invention to bring a comet close to Earth, to study — even after a disastrous first attempt. And Superman’s raw strength isn’t enough to repel it! So it’s Lois to the rescue – sort of.
April 24, 1942
7.Electric Earthquake
A scientist threatens to level Manhattan with his electric earthquake machine. Perry White thinks he’s just a crank, until …
May 15, 1942
Superman: Volcano (1942) – one of the Fleischer Studio animated cartoons, where it’s Superman versus the volcano, rescuing Lois Lane (of course). As this is a much earlier version of Superman, he’s much weaker, and it’s far more of a challenge …
July 10, 1942
9.Terror on the Midway
 classic Fleischer cartoon, where a monkey accidentally frees a large gorilla, that creates havoc at a circus. And its Superman to the rescue, against a panther, lions, elephants, and of course the gorilla!
August 30, 1942

Famous Studios

TitleOriginal release date
Japanese saboteurs plan to hijack a new American super-bomber. With Lois Lane stowed away on the first flight! Can even Superman reach her in time? Can he prevent mass destruction?
September 18, 1942
In the 1942 animated Superman cartoon, a pair of criminals decide to impersonate Superman to commit a crime spree! And the real Superman’s not pleased …
October 16, 1942
12.Eleventh Hour

During World War II, reporters Clark Kent and Lois Lane are help as prisoners of war in Japan. Every night, at the Eleventh Hour, Superman sneaks out to commit acts of sabotage. But the Japanese are threatening to execute Lois Lane if there’s one more act of sabotage …
November 20, 1942
13.Destruction, Inc.

Criminals are determined to destroy a munitions plant – so both Lois Lane and Clark Kent go undercover to investigate! But can the villains torpedo Lois’ plans?
December 25, 1942
14.The Mummy Strikes

A professor’s assistant is accused of his murder – but one of his colleagues discovers a clue that may prove her innocence, and tells Clark Kent. Lois Lane sneaks along to get the scoop, but gets more than she bargained for!
February 19, 1943
15.Jungle Drums

Lois is pursuing a story in the jungle — but her plane is shot down and she’s captured by the Nazis taking advantage of the natives’ superstitions. To the point of burning her at the stake!
March 26, 1943
16.The Underground World

On an expedition for The Daily Planet, Lois Lane, Clark Kent, and a professor are searching in the titular Underground World for the professor’s missing father. And they’re captured by hawk men?
June 18, 1943
17.Secret Agent
July 30, 1943

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