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The Carol Burnett Show season 4

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The Carol Burnett Show season 4
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The Carol Burnett Show season 4 continues with guest stars galore, As the Stomach Turns, the 10th Avenue Family, movie spoofs, and more.

S4 E1 – The Carol Burnett Show: S4 E1 – Jim Nabors

Jim Nabors returns as Carol’s guest! Sketches include Harvey as a hammy actor contending with a new co-star (Carol), and Jim as an emergency room patient whose nurse is distracted by hunky Lyle. originally aired September 13, 1970

S4 E2 – The Carol Burnett Show: S4 E2 – Cass Elliot, Pat Paulsen

Carol’s guests are Cass Elliot and Pat Paulsen! This episode includes a series of sexy commercials, Pat’s look at the book “How To Be A Sensuous Female”, and Mama Cass joining the 10th Avenue Family. Originally aired October 12, 1971

S4 E3 – The Carol Burnett Show: S4 E3 – Nanette Fabray, Steve Lawrence

Nanette Fabray and Steve Lawrence guest star in an episode saluting Columbia Pictures classic movies by spoofing “Middle Of The Night“, “From Here To Eternity“, and “Gilda.” Originally aired September 27, 1970

S4 E4 – The Carol Burnett Show: S4 E4 – Eydie Gorme, Joan Rivers

Nanette Fabray and Joan Rivers guest! Segments include Ms. Rivers’ comedy act, a “V.I.P.” interview with Mrs. King Kong, and a talk show segment with singing trio “Donna Rose and The Magnificents.” Originally aired October 4, 1970

S4 E5 – The Carol Burnett Show: S4 E5 – Nanette Fabray, Ken Berry

Ken Berry and Nanette Fabray join in tonight’s episode, which includes Carol as a dowdy secretary discouraging some glamorous temp applicants, and the movie spoof “Flight 13 To Nowhere.” Originally aired October 11, 1970

S4 E6 – The Carol Burnett Show: S4 E6 – Lucille Ball, Mel Torme

Lucille Ball and Mel Torme lend their tremendous talents to a spoof of the classic comedy “Some Like It Hot” with a gender-flipping twist: Lucy and Carol in the Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon roles! Originally aired October 18, 1970

S4 E7 – The Carol Burnett Show: S4 E7 – Bernadette Peters, Donald O’Connor

Bernadette Peters and Donald O’Connor take the stage for a night filled with laughter and music, highlighted by Carol and Bernadette’s duet in a bridal shop. Also: “Carol & Sis” and “The Old Folks.” Originally aired October 25, 1970

S4 E8 – The Carol Burnett Show: S4 E8 – Ricardo Montalban, Cass Elliot

Tonight: Cass Elliot and Ricardo Montalban! Mama Cass teams with Carol for a sketch about wallflowers at a dance, while Ricardo takes on the role of a playboy in a spoof of Esther Williams movies. Originally aired November 1, 1970

S4 E9 – The Carol Burnett Show: S4 E9 – Family Show

Carol and the gang take their act across the pond for this special episode filmed in London! Have a cuppa and enjoy the intercontinental champions of comedy at their finest. Originally aired November 8, 1970

S4 E10 – The Carol Burnett Show: S4 E10 – Martha Raye, Ross Martin

Ross Martin and Martha Raye guest star! Martha and Carol play mismatched jurors sequestered in the same hotel room, and Ross is featured in a failed medical TV pilot: “Storefront Hospital.” Originally aired November 15, 1970.

S4 E11 – The Carol Burnett Show: S4 E11 – Dyan Cannon, Paul Lynde

Tonight’s guests are Dyan Cannon and Paul Lynde! Lynde plays a smarmy insurance salesman, and later appears in Canoga Falls in Cannon on “As The Stomach Turns.” Originally aired November 22, 1970.

S4 E12 – The Carol Burnett Show: S4 E12 – Debbie Reynolds, John Davidson

The multitalented Debbie Reynolds and John Davidson guest star in this episode, highlighted by the stirring saga of a squad of World War II nurses: “So Proudly We Heal.” Originally aired November 29, 1970

S4 E13 – The Carol Burnett Show: S4 E13 – Don Rickles

Mr. Warmth himself, Don Rickles, guests as a cantankerous house painter on the latest “Carol & Sis” sketch. It’s absolutely hilarious as Carol keeps changing her mind on the colors to use. Driving Don closer and closer to the breaking point. “I may have to murder a duck!” And the end is laugh out loud funny, as Don and Harvey paint each other! And George and Zelda (Harvey and Carol) face a home invasion by a robber (played by Lyle.). Poor George! Almost thought he’d have a happy ending for once. Originally aired December 6, 1970.

S4 E14 – The Carol Burnett Show: S4 E14 – Steve Lawrence, Durward Kirby, Julie Bond

Steve Lawrence and Durward Kirby get into the ring with Carol, Harvey, Vicki, and Lyle for the boxing movie spoof, “Goldman’s Boy”, inspired by the 1937 play “Golden Boy” and its 1939 film adaptation. Originally aired December 13, 1970.

S4 E15 – The Carol Burnett Show: S4 E15 – Pat Carroll, Robert Goulet, Rich Little

The backstage dressing rooms are packed with guests: Robert Goulet, Rich Little, and Pat Carroll! As always, Rich leaves an impression on you, while Robert and Pat join in on “As The Stomach Turns.” Originally aired December 27, 1970.

S4 E16 – The Carol Burnett Show: S4 E16 – Pat Carroll, Art Carney

Carol welcomes Art Carney and Pat Carroll to the show! Art plays an exterminator suffering from performance anxiety, then he and Pat appear on the latest “As The Stomach Turns” episode. Originally aired January 3, 1971.

S4 E17 – The Carol Burnett Show: S4 E17 – Jerry Lewis

It’s a match made in heaven when the great Jerry Lewis guests as an awkward groom set up for a society marriage with the equally awkward Carol. Also: another day on the porch with “The Old Folks.” Originally aired January 10, 1971.

S4 E18 – The Carol Burnett Show: S4 E18 – Michele Lee

Guest star Michele Lee headlines a wintry and wonderful production number in this episode, which also offers another visit with the 10th Street Family. Originally aired January 17, 1971.

S4 E19 – The Carol Burnett Show: S4 E19 – Mel Torme

The Velvet Fog rolls in once again as Mel Torme returns in a guest appearance! Mel discovers the greatest superstar behind the counter of a drugstore in Vanessa Vanilla (played, of course, by Carol.) Originally aired January 17, 1971.

S4 E20 – The Carol Burnett Show: S4 E20 – Martha Raye

Guest star Martha Raye is back, appearing in “Carol & Sis” as an Irish maid who doesn’t live up to her advertising. And George (Harvey) fantasizes about being a matador–but can’t escape Zelda (Carol). Originally aired January 24, 1971.

S4 E21 – The Carol Burnett Show: S4 E21 – Family Show

Vicki Lawrence takes center stage with an all-singing, all-dancing production number. Then, a spoof of the blockbuster film “Love Story” with Harvey and Carol in the Ryan O’Neal and Ali McGraw roles. Originally aired January 31, 1971.

S4 E22 – The Carol Burnett Show: S4 E22 – Ken Berry, Totie Fields

Guest stars Ken Berry and Totie Fields drop by to take part in some of Carol’s most popular recurring sketches: “Carol & Sis” and “As The Stomach Turns.” Originally aired February 14, 1971.

S4 E23 – The Carol Burnett Show: S4 E23 – Bob Newhart

Guest star Bob Newhart appears in “Carol & Sis” as Roger’s accountant, whose wife makes Carol feel inferior. Why? She’s the gorgeous Inga Nielsen. Also: a hungover Harvey discovers an even bigger headache: Fireside Girl Alice Portnoy. Blackmail abounds, of course.

Carol salutes MGM with Chita Rivera and Bob Newhart. Spoofs of classic movies include “Ninotchka“, “Blackboard Jungle“, “Gone With The Wind“. And, guest Chita Rivera performs a production number to Lucretia Mac Evil. The musical finale, “Naughty Rosemarie,” spoofs Eddy/MacDonald Mountie movies.. With Bob Newhart as the Marquis du Fop! Originally aired February 21, 1971.

S4 E25 – The Carol Burnett Show: S4 E25 – Pat Carroll, Tim Conway

Tim Conway and Pat Carroll guest star. Tim contributes in sketches as the Lone Ranger and as a man who lives a dog’s life. Pat joins in on the latest “Carol & Sis” installment, as Harvey’s overprotective sister. Who belittles Carol at every opportunity. Originally aired February 28, 1971.

S4 E26 – The Carol Burnett Show: S4 E26 – Bernadette Peters

Guest star Bernadette Peters joins the cast on the playground for a sketch about bratty kids. Also, The Early Early Show presents another cornball classic: “The Most Happy Stella.” Originally aired March 7, 1971.

S4 E27 – The Carol Burnett Show: S4 E27 – Marilyn Horne, David Frost

Carol’s guests tonight are David Frost and Marilyn Horne. Frost plays a Rolls Royce dealer selling to Americans Harvey and Carol, while Horne takes the musical spotlight with an operatic performance.

Guest stars Eileen Farrell, Marilyn Horne, and David Frost class up the joint as they join Carol and the gang for an operatic, Italian-style production of Cinderella. Originally aired March 21, 1971.

S4 E29 – The Carol Burnett Show: S4 E29 – Paul Lynde, Nanette Fabray

Paul Lynde and Nanette Fabray join in the fun on a series of commercial outtakes! Also, “Carol & Sis” finds Carol filling in for Roger’s secretary–with the results you might expect.

Paul Lynde and Nanette Fabray guest on the season finale, featuring an installment of “As The Stomach Turns”, and a reflection on moments past from Carol’s iconic Charwoman persona. Originally aired March 28, 1971.

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