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Carol Burnett and Friends – Season 6, episode 23


Carol Burnett and Friends – Guests William Conrad and Isabel Sanford, originally aired March 17, 1973

This episode of Carol Burnett and Friends include a series of short television spoofs:

  • Broad” – a parody of the then-popular sitcom, Maude. The sanctimonious Broad interviews a new “domestic engineer” (maid) named New Jersey, played by Isobel Sanford. Harvey Korman is hilarious as her subservient husband Walter. A funny visual joke is that Walter walks around in a shirt and tie, black socks and shoes … But no pants! Visually stating that he doesn’t wear the pants in the family.
  • Stunning and Glare” – a parody of the Sonny & Cher TV show. Harvey Korman is hilarious as the short Stunning. Carol Burnett is funny as the vicious Glare, and Vicki Lawrence as their daughter.
  • Lyle Waggoner in “The Jack Lalane Show“. 92 years young!
  • Carol Burnett and Vicki Lawrence in the “Gold Gigglers” show, as poor William Conrad tries to recite the Gettysburg Address.

Another installment of “Carol & Sis“. Carol’s husband Roger (Harvey Korman) tells the story of how he confronted a pickpocket. He beat him up and took back his wallet. But when police officer William Conrad arrives and begins investigating, a very different story unfolds! A very funny segment!


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