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The Spell of Tut

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The Spell of Tut / Tut's Case Is Shut - Batman season 2 - King Tut (Victor Bupno) and Cleo Patrick
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The Spell of Tut / Tut’s Case Is Shut – Batman season 2

King Tut has relapsed into his kingly ways, this time showing a marked interest in scarab beetles and apothecary potions.

  • One thing that’s quite clever is that Tut’s henchwoman isn’t revealed until the end. We’re introduced to Commissioner Gordon’s temporary secretary, Miss Patrick, early on. But it’s not until the end of the first episode that we see her with Tut as …. Cleo Patrick! Love the punny name.

King Tut: [speaking to his scarabs] Breathe, my children. Free yourselves from the arms of Osiris. Shake off the shackles of the sepulcher. Live, live… Live!
Amenophis Tewfik: They ain’t livin’.

King Tut: [About to feed Robin to his crocodiles] I told you, my lovelies, if all went well, you’d soon be dining on something better than frogs and fishes! Not much better, granted, but you’re due for a snack. I hope you all have healthy appetites! Eat your din-din!

Tut’s Case Is Shut

Using resurrected scarab beetles, King Tut concocts an ancient mind control potion, abu raubu simbu tu. If it weren’t for buttermilk …

King Tut: [upon seeing Robin alive] He should be giving my crocodiles indigestion by now!

Cast of characters in The Spell of Tut

King Tut’s Tutlings

  • Peter Mamakos (The Ten Commandments) … Royal Lapidary
  • Marianna Hill (The Godfather Part II, Star Trek: TOS – Dagger of the Mind) … Cleo Patrick
  • Sid Haig (Kill Bill Volume 2, Fantasy Island) … Royal Apothecary
  • Michael Pataki … Amenophis Tewfik
  • Boyd Santell … Sethos

Other characters

  • Bruce Lee (Enter the Dragon) … Kato (Cameo)
  • Van Williams (The Green Hornet) … The Green Hornet (cameo)

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