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Maggie (2015) starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, Abigail Breslin

Maggie [zombie film]

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Maggie (2015) starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, Abigail Breslin

Synopsis of Maggie

When a deadly zombie virus sweeps the nation, a father will stop at nothing to save his infected daughter — Maggie. This post-apocalyptic thriller starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Abigail Breslin.

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The Omega Man, starring Charlton Heston, Rosalind Cash

The Omega Man

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The Omega Man, starring Charlton Heston, Rosalind Cash

In The Omega ManCharlton Heston stars as a scientist who believes he is the only human to survive a worldwide bacteriological war unharmed. He attempts to save humanity by developing a curative serum from his own blood … if he lives long enough.

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The Last Man on Earth (1964), starring Vincent Price

The Last Man on Earth

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The Last Man on Earth (1964), starring Vincent Price

Vincent Price stars in the first, and best, adaptation of Richard Matheson”s classic horror/sci-fi novel I Am Legend. After a plague wipes out the human race, Dr. Robert Morgan (Price) struggles with loneliness. And with his sanity as the monotony of the unending days broken only by his daily hunts for vampires! One day on his solitary travels he runs across another surviving human: is she a mirage, or real?

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The Mad Ghoul (1943) starring Turhan Bey, Evelyn Ankers, David Bruce, George Zucco

The Mad Ghoul

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The Mad Ghoul (1943) starring Turhan Bey, Evelyn Ankers, David Bruce, George Zucco

The Mad Ghoul, frankly, is an above-average monster movie, starring some of the recognizable actors from the genre in the 1940’s.  In short, Dr. Alfred Morris (George Zucco) is a college professor and researcher, who has uncovered and recreated a poisonous gas first used by ancient Mayans, used to create “death in life” – robbing the victims of their own will, similar to the classic zombie movies of the 1930’s and 1940’s.  He hires a medical student named Ted Allison (David Bruce), since he needs his surgical skills for the grisly “cure” to the poison — a fresh heart is a crucial ingredient. The original experiment on a monkey seems successful — at first.

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Revolt of the Zombies

Revolt of the Zombies

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Revolt of the Zombies (1936)

First, Revolt of the Zombies isn’t a “zombie” movie in the current sense.  There are no shambling undead.   There are, however, mentally enslaved people enthralled by the villain of the movie — who is not whom you think

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Night of the Comet, starring Catherine Mary Stewart, Kelli Maroney

Night of the Comet

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Night of the Comet (1984), starring Catherine Mary Stewart, Kelli Maroney

Synopsis of Night of the Comet

 It’ s the first comet to buzz the planet in 65 million years. And everyone seems to be celebrating its imminent arrival. Everyone, that is, except Regina Belmont (Catherine Mary Stewart, The Last Starfighter) and her younger sister Samantha (Kelli Maroney, Chopping Mall).  These sisters are two Valley Girls who care more about fashion trends than astronomy. But at daybreak, the girls discover that they’re the only residents of Los Angeles whom the comet hasn’t vaporized …. Or turned into a zombie.  So, they do what all good Valley Girls do…they go shopping! But these gals flee with killer zombies and blood-seeking scientists in hot pursuit!

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Sugar Hill (1974) starring Marki Bey, Robert Quarry, Don Pedro Colley, Zara Cully

Sugar Hill

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Sugar Hill (1974) starring Marki Bey, Robert Quarry, Don Pedro Colley, Zara Cully

Sugar Hill is a blaxploitation zombie film, thats surprisingly enjoyable. At its heart, it’s the story of a young woman’s revenge against the mobsters that murder her boyfriend …. And how far she’s willing to go to achieve it.

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White Zombie - with these zombie eyes he rendered her powerless - with this zombie grip he made her perform his eveery desire!

White Zombie

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White Zombie  (1932)  by: The Masked Reviewer, starring Bela Lugosi, Madge Bellamy, John Harron, Robert Frazer

She was not alive ... nor dead ... Just a White Zombie performing his every desire - movie poster
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White Zombie begins with Madeleine Short (Madge Bellamy) arriving in Haiti. She’s there to reunite with her fiancee Neil Parker (John Harron). They are to be married at Charles Beaumont’s plantation. But Charles (Robert Frazer) also loves Madeleine. He goes to ‘œMurder’ Legendre (Bela Lugosi). He’s an infamous Haitian voodoo master for a potion. To make her choose Neil over him.

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