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Revolt of the Zombies

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Revolt of the Zombies
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Revolt of the Zombies (1936)

First, Revolt of the Zombies isn’t a “zombie” movie in the current sense.  There are no shambling undead.   There are, however, mentally enslaved people enthralled by the villain of the movie — who is not whom you think

Buy from Amazon In Cambodia in 1937, the villainous Count Mazovia murders a priest, who is burning an incantation and formula to turn men into mentally-controlled slaves.   However, it’s been partially burned and is worthless — until …

While on an expedition in Cambodia, archaeologist Armand Louque (Dean JaggerTwelve O’Clock) discovers the whole incantation one evening while pining over his lost fiance Claire Duval (Dorothy Stone) who has thrown over Armand for the more stable and attentive Clifford Grayson (Robert Noland), a typical romantic triangle. The jilted Armand uses some magic incense to control the mind of his servant and then gradually the entire archaeological expedition under his control.

Revolt of the Zombies

After controlling her father’s mind to coerce Claire to break off the engagement, Claire convinces Armand to release his zombies from his mental domination — including a significant part of the local army.   You can imagine for yourself the titular revolt that ensues.

Supposedly, this is a sequel to Bela Lugosi’s 1932 film, White Zombie.  It even uses the superimposed image of Bela Lugosi’s eyes from that film.  But, as with most sequels, it’s inferior to the original.   That’s not to say that it’s a bad movie — I would rate it 2 stars out of 5.

Movie quotes from Revolt of the Zombies

Ignacio MacDonald: You’ve done a terrible thing to her.
Armand Louque: Is it so terrible to fight for and to get the one thing in this world that you want?
Ignacio MacDonald: Not if you played a gentleman’s game.
Armand Louque: I don’t like sermons.
Ignacio MacDonald: Nor, perhaps, the truth?

Cast of characters

  • Dean Jagger (White Christmas) … Armand Louque
  • Dorothy Stone … Claire Duval
  • Roy D’Arcy … General Mazovia
  • Robert Noland … Clifford Grayson
  • George Cleveland (The Big Street) … General Duval
  • E. Alyn Warren … Dr. Trevissant
  • Carl Stockdale … Ignacio / Max MacDonald
  • William Crowell … Priest Tsiang
  • Teru Shimada (Tokyo Joe) … Buna
  • Adolph Milar … General von Schelling
  • Sana Rayya … Dancer

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