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The Undead

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The Undead (1957) starring Pamela Duncan, Richard Garland, directed by Roger Corman

In The Undead, a woman is sent back in time via hypnosis. In the dark ages, she’s about to be executed … For witchcraft!

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Time After Time [Malcolm McDowell]

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Time After Time (1979), starring Malcolm McDowell, David Warner, Mary Steenburgen

Synopsis of Time After Time

In Time After Time, H. G. Wells travels from 1893 London to 1979 San Francisco in pursuit of Jack the Ripper.  The Ripper has stolen his time machine and continued his murders in the future.

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The Time Travelers

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The Time Travelers (1964) starring Merry Anders, Preston Foster, Philip Carey, John Hoyt, Steve Franken

Synopsis of The Time Travelers

In The Time Travelers, four scientists step through a time portal, travels 107 years into the future and find a barren underground post-nuclear war world where a handful of “normal humans” are being attacked by mutants.

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The Time Machine 2002

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movie review of The Time Machine (2002) starring Guy Pierce, Samantha Mumba, Jeremy Irons

Movie review of the 2002 version of H.G. Wells novel, “The Time Machine” written by a fan of the original George Pal version of the story.  Surprisingly, I found that I enjoyed the new version as well.

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