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Village of the Giants

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Village of the Giants (1965) starring Tommy Kirk, Beau Bridges, Ron Howard, by Bert I. Gordon

In Village of the Giants, delinquent teenagers ingest a substance and grow thirty feet tall. They then proceed to take over a small town. And dance. A lot.

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Eat my Dust

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Eat My Dust starring and directed by Ron Howard, produced by Roger Corman

Editorial review of Eat My Dust courtesy of

 Way back in 1976, actor-director Ron Howard made a bargain with shlockmeister producer-director Roger Corman. It went something like this: Corman agreed to produce Howard’s feature directorial debut, the 1977 Grand Theft Auto, and Howard agreed to star in another of Corman’s pieces of drive-in fodder, the quirky Eat My Dust! Read More »Eat my Dust

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