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Invisible Ghost (1941) starring Bela Lugosi

Invisible Ghost

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Invisible Ghost (1941) starring Bela Lugosi

Invisible Ghost – a very unusual, very enjoyable murder mystery. Someone is killing people in a small town. And the kindly town doctor finds himself at the center of the mystery …

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The Return of the Vampire

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The Return of the Vampire, starring Bela Lugosi

Synopsis of The Return of the Vampire

In The Return of the Vampire, Bela Lugosi stars as vampire Armand Tesla. Decades before, he had been defeated and staked. The undead vampire was buried in an unmarked grave. But during World War II, German bombing releases him. Active once again in London, a reluctant werewolf aids him. And Lady Jane, who operates an asylum, opposes him. Tesla goes in search of new victims to supply him with blood.

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