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Time Walker

Time Walker (1982) starring Ben Murphy, Nina Axelrod
Time Walker (1982) starring Ben Murphy, Nina Axelrod Time Walker – a very different mummy movie, where an unscrupulous technician steals the gems buried with the mummy. Who wants them back! Then…
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The Mummy’s Curse [Lon Chaney Jr.]

The Mummy’s Curse (1944) starring Lon Chaney Jr., Virginia Christine, Dennis Moore, Peter Coe, Kay Harding, Martin Kosleck The Mummy’s Curse marks Lon Chaney Jr.s final appearance as The Mummy. He seeks his revived Princess Ananka. But she suffers from amnesia, and flees from the murdering mummy …
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The Mummy’s Ghost [1944]

The Mummy’s Ghost (1944) starring Lon Chaney Jr., John Carradine Synopsis In The Mummy’s Ghost, Kharis (Lon Chaney Jr.) returns, still searching for his lost love, Princess Ananka. When her mummified body disappears, he realizes that she’s been reincarnated. And he will find her …
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The Mummy (1959) [Peter Cushing]

The Mummy (1959) starring Peter Cushing, Christopher Lee, Yvonne Furneaux Synopsis In The Mummy, three English archaeologists find the tomb of an Egyptian high priestess buried nearly four thousand years before. They discover a guard who had been buried alive with her. And will stop at nothing to protect...
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The Curse Of The Mummy’s Tomb

The Curse of the Mummy’s Tomb (1964) starring Terence Morgan, Ronald Howard, Fred Clark, Jeanne Roland Synopsis of The Curse of the Mummy’s Tomb The Curse of the Mummy’s Tomb is a Hammer Horror film, and it feels like it. When European Egyptologists Dubois, Giles and Bray discover...
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The Mummy (1932) [Boris Karloff]

Synopsis of The Mummy The legendary Boris Karloff stars as The Mummy Im-Ho-Tep, a high priest who is revived by British archaeologists 3,700 years after being embalmed alive for trying to save the woman he loved.
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The Mummy’s Shroud

The Mummy’s Shroud (1967), starring  Andre Morell, John Phillips, David Buck, Elizabeth Sellars Synopsis of The Mummy’s Shroud In The Mummy’s Shroud, a small archeological party headed by Sir Basil Walden (Andre Morell) discover the hidden tomb of Kah-to-Bey. Despite a warning from the wild-eyed guardian Hasmid Ali (Roger Delgado)...
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The Mummy’s Hand

The Mummy’s Hand  (1940) starring Dick Foran, Wallace Ford, Peggy Moran If there’s one deadly sin committed by  The Mummy’s Hand, it’s that it’s too slow–and I’m not talking about the shambling movement of Kharis the living mummy.   The titular mummy doesn’t make his first appearance until an...
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