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Psycho [Alfred Hitchcock]

Psycho (1960) starring Vera Miles, Anthony Perkins, Janet Leigh
Psycho (1960) starring Vera Miles, Anthony Perkins, Janet Leigh Psycho is Alfred Hitchcock’s landmark masterpiece of the macabre. It stars Anthony Perkins as Norman Bates, a quiet young man who runs a roadside motel … with his mother. Marion Crane (Janet Leigh), is on the run after stealing...
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Forgotten Lady [Columbo]

Forgotten Lady – Columbo, season 5, with Peter Falk, Janet Leigh, Maurice Evans, John Payne As usual, in Forgotten Lady, Lt. Columbo is tasked with solving a murder. The audience sees how the murder was done, and Columbo has to solved a locked door mystery. But there’s more...
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Put on a Happy Face

Song lyrics to Put on a Happy Face, as performed by Dick Van Dyke and Janet Leigh in Bye Bye Birdie – music by Charles Strouse, lyrics by Lee Adams
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Holiday Affair

Holiday Affair (1949), starring Robert Mitchum, Janet Leigh, Wendell Corey Synopsis of Holiday Affair Holiday Affair deals with a romantic triangle between a lovely — and lonely — war widow, her lawyer boyfriend, and a dreamer that she meets while working. Also involved is her young son, and the memory...
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Houdini, starring Tony Curtis and Janet Leigh

Tony Curtis gives a winning performance as the great Houdini. The struggling circus performer who emerged as the world s most captivating magician and escape artist. From his beginnings as a wild man carnival act to the internationally famous feat of escaping from a locked trunk in an...
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Angels in the Outfield (1951)

Angels in the Outfield (1951) starring Paul Douglas, Janet Leigh In Angels in the Outfield, Paul Douglas, stars with Janet Leigh, as the hot-tempered Pittsburgh Pirates manager.  His hard-luck team goes on a winning streak thanks to some heavenly intervention.
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Three on a Couch

Three on a Couch    (1966) starring Jerry Lewis, Janet Leigh,  James Best Three on a Couch is a Jerry Lewis comedy that’s both funny and charming.   The basic plot is that Jerry Lewis’ character, Christopher Pride, is an artist who has won a prestigious French art...
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Bye Bye Birdie

Bye Bye Birdie (1963) starring Dick Van Dyke, Janet Leigh, Ann-Margret, Maureen Stapleton, Paul Lynde, Bobby Rydell Bye Bye Birdie is a musical, with the songs held together by a fairly funny story. Actually, there are two or three stories interwoven together. It stars Dick Van Dyke as...
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