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Cuban Pete

Cuban Pete song lyrics

Song lyrics to Cuban Pete by Desi Arnaz, one of his hit songs, played multiple times on the I Love Lucy television series.

They raved about Sloppy Joe
The Latin Lothario
But Havana has a new sensation
He’s really a modest guy
Although he’s the hottest guy in Havana
And here’s what he has to say

They call me Cuban Pete
I’m the King of the Rumba beat
When I play the marracas
I go chick-chicky-boom
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California Here We Come lyrics

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Song lyrics to California Here We Come lyrics, written by Buddy DeSylva, Al Jolson and Joseph Meyer in 1924

When the wintry winds starts blowing
And the snow is starting in the Fall
Then my eyes went westward knowing
That’s the place that I love best of all
California I’ve been blue
Since I’ve been away from you
I can’t wait ’till I get blowing
Even now I’m starting in a call

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By the Waters of Minnetonka lyrics

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By the Waters of Minnetonka lyrics –  (J.M. Cavanass / Thurlow Lieurance) (1914)

Recorded by: Stanley Black; Jerry Gray & His Orch.; John Kirby; Glenn Miller; Ray Noble; Smith & Amherst Glee Club; E.A. Smith; Ethel Smith; Eddie South & His Alabamians; Slim Whitman; Artis Wodehouse. Performed on the I Love Lucy episode, The Indian Show, as well as the Red Skelton/Esther Williams musical Bathing Beauty

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