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Summer Stock

Summer Stock, starring Gene Kelly, Judy Garland, Phil Silvers
Summer Stock (1950), starring Gene Kelly, Judy Garland, Phil Silvers Summer Stock is an enjoyable musical with Judy Garland and Gene Kelly. It’s the story of two mismatched romances, a family farm facing foreclosure, and an acting troupe that shows up unannounced …
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Invitation to the Dance [Gene Kelly]

Invitation to the Dance (1956) starring Gene Kelly Synopsis of Invitation to the Dance Invitation to the Dance is an anthology of three stories in dance. Gene Kelly wrote, directed, choreographed, and stars. The first story deals with a mime-like Pagliacci comic drama. The second is about a...
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The Pirate [Judy Garland, Gene Kelly]

The Pirate (1948) starring Judy Garland, Gene Kelly, Walter Slezak The Pirate is a fun-filled and musical case of mistaken identity when lonely Judy Garland mistakes traveling clown Gene Kelly for a famed Caribbean pirate. But what happens when the real pirate rears his head?
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An American in Paris [Gene Kelly]

An American in Paris (1951), starring Gene Kelly, Leslie Caron, Oscar Levant, directed by Vincente Minelli Synopsis of An American in Paris Gene Kelly and Leslie Caron sing and dance to the music of George and Ira Gershwin in An American in Paris. When ex-GI Jerry Mulligan (Kelly) remains...
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The Babbitt And The Bromide

The Babbitt And The Bromide song lyrics – by George Gershwin / Ira Gershwin, performed in Ziegfeld Follies by Gene Kelly & Fred Astaire A babbitt met a bromide on the avenue one day, And held a conversation in their own peculiar way; They both were solid citizens, they both...
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Ballin’ the Jack

Ballin’ the Jack lyrics, music by Chris Smith, lyrics by Jim Burris Ballin’ the Jack is oddly popular in films.  It’s been performed by Gene Kelly and Judy Garland in For Me and My Gal, by Dean Martin and Polly Bergen in That’s My Boy,  by Danny Kaye...
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For Me and My Gal lyrics

For Me and My Gal lyrics – music by George W. Meyer , lyrics by Edgar Leslie and E. Ray Goetz, performed by Judy Garland and Gene Kelly in the musical, For Me and My Gal The bells are ringing for me and my galThe birds are singing for...
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For Me and My Gal

For Me and My Gal (1942), starring Gene Kelly, Judy Garland, George Murphy For Me and My Gal is a good many things — an ode to vaudeville, with some excellent song and dance routines, a “boy meets girl” movie, the film debut of Gene Kelly, a patriotic...
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