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Blondie for Victory (1942) starring Penny Singleton, Arthur Lake

Blondie for Victory

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Buy from Amazon In Blondie for Victory, Blondie organizes the Housewives of America to support the war effort. But that leaves all the housework to the husbands! And they don’t like it!

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Blondie's Big Deal (1949) starring Penny Singleton, Arthur Lake

Blondie’s Big Deal

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Blondie’s Big Deal (1949) starring Penny Singleton, Arthur Lake

In Blondie’s Big Deal, Dagwood invents a fire-resistant paint! And he plans to demonstrate it, by painting Mr. Radcliffe’s house with it …. And then setting it on fire. But, a competitor has switched the paint!

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Dagwood in the gambling den in "Blondie's Holiday"

Blondie’s Holiday

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Blondie’s Holiday (1947) starring Penny Singleton, Arthur Lake

Normally, it’s Dagwood that causes the trouble. But in Blondie’s Holiday, it’s Blondie’s turn. She lets her pride cause the trouble. She lets her old high school friend Paul Madison think that Dagwood’s getting a $250/week raise — when it’s only $2.50. And when they “volunteer” Dagwood to pay for the entire high school reunion …. She doesn’t want to make Dagwood look bad.

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