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Supernatural, starring Carol Lombard, Alan Rinehart, Lyman Williams, Beryle Mercer, William Farnum, William Farnum, Randolph Scott, Vivienne Osborn


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Synopsis of Supernatural

 Supernatural stars Hollywood legend Carole Lombard as a woman possessed by a murderer’s dark soul. Roma (Carole Lombard), whose twin brother has recently been murdered, becomes easy prey for a corrupt medium who arranges a séance to conjure up the lost twin’s supposedly troubled soul. Meanwhile, a murderess (Vivienne Osborne) accused of strangling her lovers awaits her fate in the electric chair. Before she dies, she agrees to donate her body to a scientist for his unique life-after-death research. Eerily, the doctor’s first experiment on the now-deceased woman occurs at precisely the same time as the séance. In an evil twist of fate, Roma becomes possessed by the murderess’ wicked spirit. In a race against time, the doctor and Roma’s fiancé (Randolph Scott) struggle to undo the horrible curse in this compelling and inventive ghost story.

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