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Friend Like Me song lyrics

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Song lyrics to Friend Like Me, written by Howard Elliott Ashman / Alan Menken, performed by Robin Williams in Walt Disney’s Aladdin

Well, Ali Baba had them forty thieves
Scheherezade had a thousand tales
But master you in luck ’cause up your sleeves
You got a brand of magic never fails
You got some power in your corner now
Some heavy ammunition in your camp
You got some punch, pizzazz, yahoo and how
See all you gotta do is rub that lamp
And I’ll say

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Out of Thin Air

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Song lyrics to Out of Thin Air, as sung in Aladdin and the King of Thieves

You showed me the world when I was all locked up inside
You reached out your hand and took me on
A magic carpet ride
One look at your smile
And I could see the light shining ev’rywhere
People like you don’t come out of thin airRead More »Out of Thin Air

Father and Son song lyrics

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Father and Son song lyrics from Aladdin and the King of Thieves, Words and Music by Randy Peterson and Kevin Quinn

It’s a big bright beautiful future
Thank your lucky stars, you’re alive
You’ve got someone special to talk to
A friend that you can trust for life

You’ve been on your own with no family ties
But those solo days are done
You’ll be two of a kind
Spending quality time
Together as father and son

Building model ships
Taking fishing trips
Working hand in hand
Painting the palace and moving the sand
First ten to go, with your daddy-o
Once you break the ice
You can postulate paternal advice

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Are You In Or Out?

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Song lyrics to Are You In Or Out?, sung in Aladdin and the Forty Thieves


I remember a time
When crime was sublime
There was plenty of loot in the lair
We’d plunder and pillage
And ransack a village
With nary a worry or care
Then along came this king
With his soft-hearted dream
But he ratted us out in the end,
So rally the troops!
We were meant to regroup
And return to our roots once again!
Are you in or out?
Gotta know without a doubt
I’m the one you need for a dirty deed
I’m the best, success is guaranteed
Are you men or mice?
Take a slice of my advice!
You want a fearless leader, one that’s strong and stout?
Better vote for me
Are you in or out?

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