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You’re Devastating lyrics

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Lovely to Look At
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You’re Devastating lyrics   — music by Jerome Kern, lyrics by Otto A. Harbach, sung by Howard Keel in Lovely to Look At

You’re devastating,
And so far above me
To think of mating,
I never could dare.
You couldn’t ever

Be lowly and love me.
You’re much too clever
To care how I care.
You were destined for purple-hued throne rooms,
You were fashioned for princes to see.
Still I keep dreaming
Of you in my own rooms,
And there you whisper
“I love you” to me.

When I think of who you are,
What a gem true blue you are,
‘Tis then I realize how foolish I have been.
How could I hope to win?
For gems like you are set in rings
That grace the hands of kings

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