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Today Tomorrow Forever [song lyrics]


Song lyrics to Today Tomorrow Forever, Lyrics by Mack David, Music by Jerry Livingston, performed by Dean Martin, Jerry Lewis, and cast in Sailor Beware

Editor’s note: In Sailor Beware, Dean Martin is singing Today Tomorrow Forever as an audition on a radio show. His pal Jerry Lewis “helps” him, with a chorus of their fellow sailors, singing various replies, trying to get Dean to break up. It goes something like this:

Dean Martin: Today tomorrow forever

Sailors: Ooo ah.

Dean Martin: You are the one girl I love

Sailors: tatatatatatata uuh

Dean Martin: Today …

Sailors: Yow!

Dean Martin: Tomorrow …

Sailors: Zing!

Dean Martin: Forever …

Sailors: Wssssh!

Dean Martin: As long as stars shine above

Sailors and Jerry Lewis: the stars that shine, the stars that shine.

Dean Martin: This is no mere infatuation

Sailors: 1-2-3-4 we love your voice so sing some more!

Dean Martin: This time it’s real the sweet sensation

Sailors: uuh uuh uuh uuh [with Jerry Lewis clapping like a seal]

Dean Martin: Always and always together

Sailors: ta-ta ta ta ta-ta-ta-ta-ta ta ta)

Dean Martin: That’s how it’s fated to be

Sailors: Boing boing boing boing.

Dean Martin: Today [sailors make popping sounds]
tomorrow [popping sounds]
forever [sailors knock themselves on the head]
You are the one girl for me

Sailors: You are my one love …


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