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Baby Obey Me [song lyrics]


Song lyrics to Baby Obey Me, Written by Jay Livingston and Ray Evans. Sung by Dean Martin, Jerry Lewis, Corrine Calvet in My Friend Irma Goes West

Dean Martin: When I say give me love, well don’t be meager
Gee can’t you see that I’m over eager
Oh baby, oh baby, obey me.

And when my lonely arms need a build up,
Get in my arms and keep them filled up.
Oh baby, oh baby, obey me.

Facts are facts, and I’m mad about your caress.
So, relax. there’s only one word for yes.
My love just lives for you, why be lonely?
I want you for my one and only.
Oh baby, oh baby, obey me, do.

Corrine Calvet: I’ll take you through Paris, be your dolly
Oh, what I’ll show you in the galley
Oh, baby, hey baby, obey me.

Dean Martin: I never liked to kiss like the highbrows
I want the kind that curls my eyebrows

Corrine Calvet: Oho, like this … [they kiss]

Dean Martin: Oh, baby …

Corrine Calvet: You will be my gift from the Marshall Plan …

Jerry Lewis: And I, will be, sucking up the French Can-Can!

Corrine Calvet: My sweet, when I do this,
Don’t be gentle, I want you close
And Continental.
Oh baby, je t’adore [speaks in French]

Jerry Lewis: I don’t know what she’s sayin’, but it should happen to me.

Dean Martin: Crepes Suzette, well, that’s all the French I know.

Corrine Calvet: No, my pet, you’ll learning every word but ‘no’.

Dean Martin: The French are never wrong …

Corrine Calvet: Fifty million!

Dean Martin: Baby, for you I trust a billion.

Corrine Calvet: Oh baby, oh baby, obey me.

Dean Martin: No maybe, oh baby, you slay me.

Dean Martin and Corrine Calvet: Oh baby, obey me, do …


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